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1. Any of various succulents of the genus Hoodia native to desert areas of southwest Africa.
2. A preparation made from any of these plants, especially from the species Hoodia gordonii, purported to suppress the appetite after being ingested.

[After an English collector of succulents with the surname Hood (fl. 1820s).]
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(Plants) any of several succulent asclepiadaceous plants of the genus Hoodia, of southern Africa, the sap of which suppresses appetite
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Natrol is finding success with Oui, a hoodia diet product it rolled out last summer as a less expensive alternative to many competing brands.
Among its more recent product offerings are Goji Liquid Herbal Supplement, Hoodia 500 Complex, Resveratrol Red Wine Extract and Maximum Strength Melatonin, a nighttime sleep aid.
Unique to their hunting grounds is the Hoodia, which they call Xhoba, a light green cactus about the size and length of a cucumber that grows in scattered clumps.
The hoodia cactus was nibbled for thousands of years by the Kung bushmen of southern Africa on long hunting trips.
AHPA's chief science officer, Steven Dentali, PhD, presented the association's comments and highlighted its work on identification methods for botanicals during a May 1 meeting convened by the agency" to stimulate and focus a discussion about ways in which the food, (including dietary supplements and animal food), drug, medical device and cosmetic industries, regulatory agencies, and other parties can better predict and prevent economically motivated adulteration." AHPA addresses EMA in several ways, including guidance policies on known adulterants, guidance documents on topics such as the standardization of botanical extracts and marker compounds, and the development of identification methods for botanical ingredients such as bilberry fruit extract and Hoodia gordonii stem.
Category managers should also focus on weight control products with clinically proven ingredients, states Michael Yatcilla, vice president of research and development at Natrol Inc., which last year rolled out Oui, billed as an inexpensive hoodia diet control product.
The initial line consists of four SKUs: NutraMist Energy Surge, which provides an instant vitamin [B.sub.12] energy surge without caffeine; NutraMist Crave Control, with hoodia and green tea to suppress food cravings; NutraMist Sleep Now, for restful sleep without side effects; and NutraMist Immune Boost, with vitamin C, echinacea and a proprietary blend of herbs to help to strengthen the immune system.
The appetite suppressant, derived from the hoodia succulent and based on a San traditional recipe, is potentially worth billions of rands.
The Hoodia plant was nibbled for thousands of years by now-extinct Kung tribesmen as they tracked their prey on long treks in the bush.
Iovate Health Sciences, Inc., the manufacturer of the Hydroxycut brand of products, has agreed to recall all Hydroxycut products with the exception of Hydroxycut Cleanse and Hydroxycut Hoodia. In its recall announcement, FDA took the additional step of warning consumers to discontinue use of Hydroxycut products immediately.
The line includes NutraMist Energy Shots, a vitamin Binf12 formula; NutraMist Crave Control, a Hoodia and green tea mixture to suppress food cravings; NutraMist Sleep Now; and NutraMist Immune Boost with vitamin C, echinacea and a proprietary blend of herbs.
Best vitamins and nutrition product: Mega T Green Tea with Hoodia