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Noun1.hoofed mammal - any of a number of mammals with hooves that are superficially similar but not necessarily closely related taxonomicallyhoofed mammal - any of a number of mammals with hooves that are superficially similar but not necessarily closely related taxonomically
eutherian, eutherian mammal, placental, placental mammal - mammals having a placenta; all mammals except monotremes and marsupials
hoof - the foot of an ungulate mammal
dinocerate - an extinct ungulate
odd-toed ungulate, perissodactyl, perissodactyl mammal - placental mammals having hooves with an odd number of toes on each foot
artiodactyl, artiodactyl mammal, even-toed ungulate - placental mammal having hooves with an even number of functional toes on each foot
cannon, shank - lower part of the leg extending from the hock to the fetlock in hoofed mammals
hock-joint, hock - tarsal joint of the hind leg of hoofed mammals; corresponds to the human ankle
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Although sometimes called sea cows, manatees are more closely linked to elephants and hyraxes (a small hoofed mammal native to Africa).
At various times, I have eaten snails, octopusses (that sounds less clinical than "octopi"), raw mussels from a Louisiana bayou, and all of the barbecued digestive organs--along with most of the endocrine system--of a certain unidentified, medium-sized hoofed mammal.
AFTER THE DINOSAURS: THE AGE OF MAMMALS finally takes the focus off the dinosaur and into the next era: an age where Earth was inhabited by an array of strange creatures, from huge hornless rhinos to an elephant-like hoofed mammal.
But then again, if a hoofed mammal makes a run for your car, there's not a whole lot you can do.
Visitors have flocked to see the rare hoofed mammal, left, which was born several weeks ago.
Genetic analysis of white-tailed deer in a Michigan reserve has turned up what may be the first documentation of more than one father per twin litter in a big, free-ranging hoofed mammal.
Harrison isn't the only one in her neighborhood with a hoofed mammal or two in her yard.
This fascinating section includes specimens critical to his work, such as the original fossil skull of a large hoofed mammal, Toxodon platensis, which he collected on his expedition and later discussed with colleagues.
html) closely related to hoofed mammals, diverging from them in the (https://www.
The origins and evolution of the North American grassland biome: the story from the hoofed mammals.
In each of those sections the information is boiled down further, to subclasses such as flying insects, birds of prey, sharks, and hoofed mammals.
Gray wolves prefer to hunt large hoofed mammals, like elk, deer, moose, caribou, and sheep, although they will supplement with smaller prey like rabbits, beavers, rodents, fish, waterfowl, and even small reptiles and amphibians.