hook-and-ladder truck

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hook-and-lad·der truck

A fire engine equipped with extension ladders and hooked poles.
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They should have mobilized a hook-and-ladder truck.
2 -- 3) This hook-and-ladder truck is parked in back of the AfricanAmerican Firefighters Museum in Los Angeles, which is housed in the old Fire Station No.
The death of the Los Angeles rookie firefighter who fell off the back of a hook-and-ladder truck last year was accidental, according to a final department report released Tuesday.
Foster, the first female to die in the line of duty in the 118-year history of the Fire Department, was crushed under the wheels of a hook-and-ladder truck after she fell off the back.
This month I watched four incidents in which the fire department responded to a medical emergency - and not only did the paramedics arrive, the pump truck and the hook-and-ladder truck also came, though no fire had been reported.
The local firefighters will stay for five days to train the 50-member Obregon Fire Department on how to use the hook-and-ladder truck, a piece of firefighting equipment this farming community in the state of Sonora has never had.
1 -- color) Rotary International committee chairman Jeff Stern, left, talks with firefighters Jason Guzman, center, and Mike Sokoloff, about their planned trip to Mexico to donate this refurbished hook-and-ladder truck.
73 of Newhall visited the Hart campus and allowed the girls to take their pictures on the hook-and-ladder truck.
flag suspended over Main Street by two hook-and-ladder trucks.
The department currently has nine female captains, nine fire inspectors, six women who drive trucks as engineers and two who drive hook-and-ladder trucks.