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Adj.1.hook-shaped - shaped in the form of a hook
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Hook-shaped tools allow the crows to scoop up hidden food several times faster than the more basic design.
CRAFTY crows create hook-shaped tools out of twigs so they can grab food faster, scientists found.
The necklace is included in the group of pendants with hook-shaped end, which are characteristic for the ancient period.
UNCIFORM A Even; smooth B Hook-shaped C Medieval writing who am I?
2B and 2E) was divided into two segmented parts: proximal part which had no orna-mentation in the form of scales but the basal podomere (plate) bears a large posterior spine, the second bears a pair of anterior spine with rounded tips, the third bears a pair of median spine, and the last podomere terminates in a hook; proximal part stout, first segment slightly curved, bearing large triangular posterior and anterior spines with rounded tips; second segment with hook-shaped spines bending toward abdomen, slender distal part of antennule bearing anterior blunt knob, extending slightly beyond terminal spine, second segment of distal part half as long as first; terminal segment bearing about five to seven stout apical setae.
Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) showed a hook-shaped CBD and a single stone (Figure 1).
The traits that separate this species from others were the flat Y-shaped uncus anteriorly and hook-shaped uncus posteriorly, the conspicuously pubescent face in the basal two-thirds, and the elongated aedeagus with the apex widely truncate and projected perpendicularly toward its ventral side showing patches of small setae.
The L-shaped house sits on a flat, quarter-acre parcel on a hook-shaped cul-de-sac and measures in at a tad more than 3,700 square feet, with four bedrooms and 3.
In the photo, I am holding the sign with my hook-shaped prosthetic arm.
In the 1920s, this novel device might contain a couple of blades; a hook-shaped implement for cutting the bottle's seal; buttonhook and corkscrew.
Except for mostly backpackers and mountain trekkers, many tourists were not familiar with Mararison Island, its white beaches, crystal clear waters and 100-meter, hook-shaped sandbar.