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n. Informal
Absence without leave; truancy: play hooky from school.

[Perhaps from hook it, to make off.]
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(ˈhʊkɪ) or


(Education) informal chiefly US and Canadian and NZ truancy, usually from school (esp in the phrase play hooky)
[C20: perhaps from hook it to escape]
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or hook•ey

(ˈhʊk i)

unjustifiable absence from school or work (usu. in the phrase play hooky).
[1840–50, Amer.; perhaps alter. of phrase hook it escape, make off]
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Noun1.hooky - failure to attend (especially school)hooky - failure to attend (especially school)
nonattendance - the failure to attend
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Informal. An unexcused absence:
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hookey [ˈhʊki] n
to play hooky (mainly US) (= play truant) → faire l'école buissonnière
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n (US, inf) → Schuleschwänzen nt (inf); to play hooky(die) Schule schwänzen (inf)
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[ˈhʊkɪ] n (fam) to play hookymarinare la scuola
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"It's as simple as tit-tat-toe, three-in-a-row, and as easy as playing hooky. I should HOPE we can find a way that's a little more complicated than THAT, Huck Finn."
With groove bass undertones throughout and a hooky lead guitar riff, I Wanna Know marks a return for the band to what they do best - foot stomping, guitar-built indie."
But now they're all singing and dancing too, truly making this joyous nostalgic romp down Hooky Street the creme de la menthe.
LIVE SOON Hanson - The Bridgewater Hall - Tuesday, February 12 Ahead of their String Theory world tour, Hanson head to Manchester's Bridgewater Hall to perform their exciting new collaborative project - and yes, you can expect to hear MMMBop with a full symphony orchestra BREAKING THROUGH Sea Girls - Manchester Gorilla - Tuesday, March 5 After a series of successful singles, particularly 'Call Me Out' hyped in Clash as "wonderfully contagious" - guitar-pop four-piece Sea Girls prove time and time again their aptitude for writing solid hooky choruses that seek out the indie listener.
A big chunk of the Tappan Zee Bridge went down in history and the Hudson on Tuesday after a detonation that thrilled onlookers who played hooky from work and school to watch the spectacle.
Catriona made history as the Philippines' fourth Miss Universe winner and Filipinos everywhere-celebrity or not, at work or playing hooky, in Manila, Thailand, or elsewhere-rejoiced.
The Magic Gang A Brighton four-piece whose songs breeze along idly, and whose hooky choruses are as indelible as a pier-end neon sign flashing in the night sky O2 Academy, 11-13, Hotham Street, Liverpool, tonight, 7pm.
When one sister played hooky to sneak off early one morning to catch a Shawn Mendes concert at the Today Show, my parents were decidedly unhappy.
Over on True Entertainment you can enjoy daily repeats such as Saints and Sinners, the tale of a toxic waste dump, a hooky WEEKBUILDING development and crooked judges, lawyers and builders getting bumped off by a gunman on the loose.
Patrick was Trilby-pal Del Boy would be very interested to know just how much his hooky gear is worth today - thanks to the show's extraordinary success.