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(ho͝o-rā′, hə-) or hur·rah (-rä′, -rô′) or hur·ray (-rā′)
Used as an exclamation of pleasure, approval, elation, or victory.
1. A shout of "hooray."
2. Excitement; fanfare.
v. hoo·rayed, hoo·ray·ing, hoo·rays also hur·rahed or hur·rah·ing or hur·rahs or hur·rayed or hur·ray·ing or hur·rays
To applaud, cheer, or approve (someone or something) by shouting "hooray."
To shout "hooray."

[Alteration of huzzah.]


interj, n, vb
a variant of hurrah
Also: hooroo Austral and NZ goodbye; cheerio


(həˈrɑ, -ˈrɔ)

also hur•ray


interj., v. -rahed, -rah•ing also -rayed, -ray•ing,
n. interj.
1. (used as an exclamation of joy, exultation, appreciation, encouragement, or the like.)
2. to shout “hurrah.”
3. an exclamation of “hurrah.”
4. hubbub; commotion; fanfare.
5. a colorful or tumultuous event; spectacle or celebration.
last or final hurrah, a final moment of glory; last notable achievement.
[1680–90; < German hurra]
hurrah, hurray, hooray - Hurrah, hurray, and hooray are alterations of huzza, a sailor's cheer.
See also related terms for sailors.


Past participle: hoorayed
Gerund: hooraying

I hooray
you hooray
he/she/it hoorays
we hooray
you hooray
they hooray
I hoorayed
you hoorayed
he/she/it hoorayed
we hoorayed
you hoorayed
they hoorayed
Present Continuous
I am hooraying
you are hooraying
he/she/it is hooraying
we are hooraying
you are hooraying
they are hooraying
Present Perfect
I have hoorayed
you have hoorayed
he/she/it has hoorayed
we have hoorayed
you have hoorayed
they have hoorayed
Past Continuous
I was hooraying
you were hooraying
he/she/it was hooraying
we were hooraying
you were hooraying
they were hooraying
Past Perfect
I had hoorayed
you had hoorayed
he/she/it had hoorayed
we had hoorayed
you had hoorayed
they had hoorayed
I will hooray
you will hooray
he/she/it will hooray
we will hooray
you will hooray
they will hooray
Future Perfect
I will have hoorayed
you will have hoorayed
he/she/it will have hoorayed
we will have hoorayed
you will have hoorayed
they will have hoorayed
Future Continuous
I will be hooraying
you will be hooraying
he/she/it will be hooraying
we will be hooraying
you will be hooraying
they will be hooraying
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been hooraying
you have been hooraying
he/she/it has been hooraying
we have been hooraying
you have been hooraying
they have been hooraying
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been hooraying
you will have been hooraying
he/she/it will have been hooraying
we will have been hooraying
you will have been hooraying
they will have been hooraying
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been hooraying
you had been hooraying
he/she/it had been hooraying
we had been hooraying
you had been hooraying
they had been hooraying
I would hooray
you would hooray
he/she/it would hooray
we would hooray
you would hooray
they would hooray
Past Conditional
I would have hoorayed
you would have hoorayed
he/she/it would have hoorayed
we would have hoorayed
you would have hoorayed
they would have hoorayed
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Noun1.hooray - a victory cheerhooray - a victory cheer; "let's give the team a big hurrah"
cheer - a cry or shout of approval
هُتاف النَّصْر، يا يَعيش!


A. EXCL = hurrah
B. CPD Hooray Henry N (Brit) (pej) → señorito m


[həˈreɪ huˈreɪ] exclhourra





(huˈrei) noun, interjection
a shout of joy, enthusiasm etc. Hurrah! We're getting an extra day's holiday!
References in classic literature ?
If he had been a strong healthy boy Colin would probably have shouted "Hooray! Hooray!
Hooray, hooray, hooray!--And now, Jack, let's have a little talk about Pussy.
"Hooray," shrieked the rebels, delighted at this good news, and they proceeded to rush upon the Soldier with the Green Whiskers in such a crowd that it was a wonder they didn't stick the knitting-needles into one another.
This tune was "The Campbells are Coming, Hooray - Hooray!" so he said, though his father always held that it was "The Blue Bells of Scotland." Nobody seemed quite sure what it was exactly, but they all agreed that it sounded Scotch.
Hooray!" She dashed out into the passage like a wild animal escaping from its cage.
The instant Jamie saw the approaching guests he gave a shrill whistle, which was answered by echoes from meadow, house and barn, as the cousins came running from all directions, shouting, "Hooray for Uncle Alec!" They went at the carriage like highwaymen, robbed it of every parcel, took the occupants prisoners, and marched them into the house with great exultation.
"Hooray!" they all shouted, and was starting right off; but the lawyer and the doctor sung out:
At length, he drove leisurely to London on the third day and in the new waistcoat, the native, with chattering teeth, shuddering in a shawl on the box by the side of the new European servant; Jos puffing his pipe at intervals within and looking so majestic that the little boys cried Hooray, and many people thought he must be a Governor-General.
Hooray!' These expressions, delivered in a most boisterous tone, and accompanied with loud peals of laughter, roused Mr.
"Hooray! Haven't talked Punjabi for three months--and a Punjabi from Central Africa ought to be amusin'."
Yihe Xiong, 25 - described by his own lawyer as a "Hooray Henry" - walked into a room at Exeter uni armed with an imitation Beretta semi-automatic pistol.
With an election in the offing, the party of Hooray Henrys and Hooray Henriettas will be marching through the northern Labour heartlands promising to