Variant of hoochie.
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Enlightened sexism takes the gains of the women's movement as a given, and then uses them as permission to resurrect retrograde images of girls and women as sex objects, bimbos, and hootchie mamas, still defined by their appearance and their biological destiny
They'll hit single hootchies on mono, but I really like a single hootchie on 200 feet of wire,'' he said.
Try single hootchies in shallower water or umbrella rigs in deeper water over 18 feet.
Then the world will know, I'm the Hootchie Kootchie Man.
When I got out my hootchie, I thought, 'We are training for the same thing (service in wartime), following in people's footsteps.
His food is heated over sterno cans or on his hootchie heater, as is the water for his instant coffee.
Me and my friend Ashley, who by the way is a total hootchie because she went to the prom with Ryan when everyone knows he was going to ask me, so like we both watched this freaky videotape last night that--oh my God
Both Brenda and Rick are musicians--his long career has included a number of hits, such as Hang On, Sloopy and Rock 'n' Roll Hootchie Koo--and they now focus on the smooth jazz category.
Once Black's hootchie girlfriend (Gretchen Palmer), a fraud investigator for a cell phone company, and his hacker brother (Anthony Boswell) get the phones working, they sell them throughout their South Central neighborhood.
may set a new record here in costume changes per reel--and Disney label or no, some can only be described as repping fashion's ever-relevant (on certain avenues) hootchie mama tradition.
If you lived in a hootchie, make sure that you tell the adjudicator just WHAT a hootchie is, and what it entailed.
YOU may know what a hootchie is, or what happens to your ears when a mortar is fired close to them, but it may mean nothing to the Board member.