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Adj.1.hooved - having or resembling hoofshooved - having or resembling hoofs; "horses and other hoofed animals"
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The cartridge is adequate for any hooved game in North America and with careful bullet choice for any game in the world.
Let's show respect and concern for our feathered, finned and hooved compatriots by rejecting speciesism, a supremacist worldview as offensive as any other arbitrary form of discrimination.
Either would be big medicine on elk, moose, bison and the like should you be so inclined to pack a Desert Eagle in pursuit of big western hooved game.
He added that most hooved mammals, whether in the sheep group, the goat group or giraffes require regular trimming to ensure they are able to walk freely.
Civic involvement: On the Advisory Council for the Hooved Animal Humane Society.
With judicious handloading it can offer hard-hitting, deep-penetrating performance on dangerous game that nips at the heels of the various .416-caliber rounds and can reach across eyebrow-raising distances to take hooved game.
If there were one grain more of visual magic, the actual air would teem with witches and owls, and complacent donkeys would be making hooved gestures while luscious majas paraded their timelessly provocative attributes.
Sex differences in mortally extend throughout an animal's period of growth, long after weaning -- for instance, among many hooved animals the greatest sex differences in mortality occur during the first and second winters.
The creature conjured up today in the popular imagination by the word Satan is a mix of malevolent beast and fallen Miltonic presence, hooved and horned and burnt red by the circumstances of his overheated home.
Even by the standard of hooved animals, the ankles of the beast on the right could hardly have supported the weight of such a heavy animal.
6 Sheep Most hooved mammals, such as this bighorn sheep, have large eyes and good vision.