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Adj.1.hooved - having or resembling hoofshooved - having or resembling hoofs; "horses and other hoofed animals"
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On the other end of the stick, Barnes's 350-grain TSX, Swift's 350-grain A-Frame, and Cutting Edge's 350-grain MTH can be driven to 2,600 fps or a bit more and offer legitimate 250-yard usefulness on hooved game and the biggest bears.
Although it's generally used for humans," she added, "Reiki has been used very successfully for animals too, whether furry, hooved, winged, scaled or gilled, they are very attuned to the energies of the universe due to their strong connection to Mother Nature.
Bushmeat in this report refers to meat from wild African animals such as rodents, hooved animals, carnivores, primates, and bats (3).
As this part of the control zone is outside the internationally recognised South African FMD free zone, it will not have any effect on the FMD free status of the country and should also not have an effect on all exports of cloven hooved animals and their products from the FMD Free Zone.
As you can see by the pictures, somewhere in time it got stepped on and partially flattened by a horse, wild burro or some other large, hooved or booted critter.
18) Satyrs, with their horns and hairy, hooved legs, are bestial manifestations of male aggression, sometimes jovial, sometimes explicitly threatening.
That said, it wouldn't be my first choice for heavy hooved game such as elk or moose--for that I prefer a tougher bullet.
They contain a hooved spirituality" (Sessums 1998, 78).
palustris Hills resulted from accelerated erosion caused by introduced domestic hooved animals.
If they spend any time on the streets, though, they're also likely to run into Aaron the Goat Man, a homeless philosopher glimpsed around town with at least one hooved animal in tow.
In 2010, Singspiel would himself perish after contracting laminitis -- a disease that affects hooved animals -- and had to be put down.
The selectmen's decision to add oversight of Dudley's hooved and feathered residents to Ms.