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Noun1.hop field - a garden where hops are grown
garden - a plot of ground where plants are cultivated
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It takes about three years for a hop field to mature to full production," he said.
As with the fair, hop field migrations served important and shifting purposes for Aboriginal groups as well.
In the same period of time, Sewell and his cronies would not even have made it to within sight of a Kent hop field, let alone a Chiltern neolithic white horse or a Wiltshire stone circle.
While the Colonel hid in a hop field his mother organised the resistance, with the small band eventually seeing off the soldiers.
Born as the result of the first sexual encounter between Jack (played as a young man by JJ Feild) and Amy (Kelly Reilly) in a hop field in Kent, June has been severely retarded all her life.
Smelling this is like walking through a hop field, it's that fresh.
In Fall 2008, the brewery made the decision to expand the hop field and plant a test plot of barley onsite.
The mother of one child said she had gone to the hop fields herself since she was 12 years of age.
Landscapes and seascapes have always had a great influence on Tom's work, from the lattice structures of the Kent hop fields of his early life, to the seascapes and olive fields of Southern Italy.
One of the most wonderful parts of being an Oregon brewer is that we have so many hop fields nearby," said Irene Firmat, Full Sail's Founder & CEO.
I grew up in Kent among the oast houses and hop fields and used to have a Saturday job as a pot-washer," says Tanner, between polite mouthfuls of chicken and avocado sandwich at the pub where we meet.