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n. Slang
A drug addict.

[hop + head.]
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slang chiefly US a heroin or opium addict
[C20: from obsolete slang hop opium; see hop2]
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n. Older Slang.
a narcotics addict, esp. an opium addict.
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n (US pej inf) → Junkie m (inf)
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I was never a Deadhead--punks hated those interminable jams and that whole languid hophead hippie trip--but if God is in the roses and the thorns then surely He is in the fountains of youthful indiscretion and Oldhead discernment.
There's also Hophead by Dark Star Brewing and Timothy Taylor's Landlord, among others.
some sort of hophead instructor in the Marines" in whose mutterings Sergius hears an echo of Eliot, the "love-song of his own prowess" (482), is bested in a fight by a Puerto Rican challenger who brands his opponent by carving "a double oval, labium majorum and minorum, on the skin of the cheek" (483).
The Pen Factory, Hope Street Brimstage Oyster Catcher, Titanic Plum Porter, Hophead Darkstar, Shropshire Gold 20.
In the nonwhiskey category there's Hophead Vodka from Anchor Distilling Co.
Take Purity, the vodka made in a 13th-century still in a Swedish castle, or Hophead, Anchor Distilling Company's vodka distilled from two types of hops from Washington's Yakima Valley.
par1w 5 Pint of Dark Star Hophead bitter after disappointing result in Crystal Palace match.
Among the favourites will be Hophead, from the strong Dark Star Brighton stable, and Sambrook's, recently voted the best pale bitter under 5% in the world.
Washed down with a pint of Dark Star's light, slightly grapefruit-y Hophead ([pounds sterling]3.20), it is a fine reviver.
By the same token, while economic inequality provokes irritation, the Harlemites representing varieties of frequently feminized, predacious lawlessness--Goldy and Imabelle in A Rage in Harlem, the "hophead" hit men in The Hears On, Chink Charlie Dawson in The Crazy Kill, Deke O'Malley in Cotton Comes to Harlem--trigger in Coffin Ed and Grave Digger another ugly feeling, disgust, by which they articulate a distinction between their own jobs, and the work performed by the objects of their disgust.
Are you a hophead? If so, the India Pale Ale Festival is from 4 p.m.