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n. Slang
A drug addict.

[hop + head.]


slang chiefly US a heroin or opium addict
[C20: from obsolete slang hop opium; see hop2]



n. Older Slang.
a narcotics addict, esp. an opium addict.


n (US pej inf) → Junkie m (inf)
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There's also Hophead by Dark Star Brewing and Timothy Taylor's Landlord, among others.
some sort of hophead instructor in the Marines" in whose mutterings Sergius hears an echo of Eliot, the "love-song of his own prowess" (482), is bested in a fight by a Puerto Rican challenger who brands his opponent by carving "a double oval, labium majorum and minorum, on the skin of the cheek" (483).
The Pen Factory, Hope Street Brimstage Oyster Catcher, Titanic Plum Porter, Hophead Darkstar, Shropshire Gold 20.
In the nonwhiskey category there's Hophead Vodka from Anchor Distilling Co.
Take Purity, the vodka made in a 13th-century still in a Swedish castle, or Hophead, Anchor Distilling Company's vodka distilled from two types of hops from Washington's Yakima Valley.
par1w 5 Pint of Dark Star Hophead bitter after disappointing result in Crystal Palace match.
Among the favourites will be Hophead, from the strong Dark Star Brighton stable, and Sambrook's, recently voted the best pale bitter under 5% in the world.
Washed down with a pint of Dark Star's light, slightly grapefruit-y Hophead ([pounds sterling]3.
7 Whether you're a beer buff, ale addict, lager lover or hophead of any kind, you'll find that World of Beer lives up to its name.
Since high school, I have been a cheap Coca-Cola hophead who even now prefers to get his caffeine from a can of Diet Coke rather than a cup of Starbucks.
The Greeks had no term for hophead or dopehead or stoner--or any of the negative terms that we have-yet all of their literature is saturated with drugs.
Yes, Dick, the science fiction writer whose works have led to such genuinely mind-bending movies as ``Blade Runner'' and ``Minority Report,'' was quite the hophead.