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n. Slang
A drug addict.

[hop + head.]


slang chiefly US a heroin or opium addict
[C20: from obsolete slang hop opium; see hop2]



n. Older Slang.
a narcotics addict, esp. an opium addict.


n (US pej inf) → Junkie m (inf)
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Partnering with Mims just makes sense when you think about all the hopheads out there who want to try our brews who may not have access to them otherwise," said Walt Dickinson.
Our tasters split on this one, with the hopheads cheering the bold hoppiness, and the traditionalists yearning for a more conventional aspect.
Bruns writes of Jones that he "brought together writers and artists with hobos and thieves, professors and politicians with hopheads and whores, gangsters and labor organizers with lawyers and social workers.
8% India pale ale, brewed as soon as fresh hops are available, is eagerly anticipated by festive hopheads every November.
ACE EDGE by Buxton Brewery (Derbyshire) One for the hopheads.
When four friends got tired of waiting tables and slinging salads at Las Vegas' famed Bellagio Hotel and Resort they embraced their inner hopheads and, along with home brewer Michael "Banger" Beaman, combined forces and resources to start Banger Brewing with Beaman as its brewmaster.
WHO IT'S FOR Enophiles and hopheads who travel together.
We think America's hopheads will enjoy giving the glass a try.
More and more these days, tastes have actually moved to more hops, more bitterness; milds are out and hopheads rule.
I mean, where else are you going to find hippes, hicks, hopheads and hipsters all willing to spend thier hard-earned money in the same tourist market?
They don't bar their doors for fear of hopheads smashing in and stealing the telly and video to pay for their habit.
But just because we banned it domestically, under pressure from the bird-watching contingent and the hopheads down at the EPA, it doesn't necessarily follow that the rest of the world--especially the developing world--was about to jump on the bandwagon.