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a less common word for hourly
[C18: from Late Latin hōrālis of an hour]


(ˈhɔr əl, ˈhoʊr-)

of or pertaining to an hour or hours; hourly.
[1615–25; < Late Latin hōrālis= Latin hōr(a) hour + -ālis -al1]
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Cheryl Askew says she still suffers from flashbacks following the incident in Gilbert Horal Close, Tile Hill, in the early hours.
HORAL A Cut off B Relating to hours C The golden oriole who am I?
Todo esto ignota que el Jaime Sabines priista que fue diputado guiado por lo peor de su familia, es el mismo que se salva historicamente al haber celebrado a la Tia Chofi y al Mayor Sabines, a los Amorosos, a Tarumba y es el autor del maravilloso texto Horal.
But Huddersfield horal Society and heavy metal band Evile will find themselves rubbing shoulders in a new exhibition in Huddersfield later this month.
Westgren M, Divon M, Horal M, Ingemarsson I, Kublickas M, Shimojo N, et al.
Tribal elder Horal Mohammad Zabet was watching over his flock of grazing sheep with his son Saturday when about 15 gunmen on motorbikes drove up and surrounded Zabet.
Pacheco los lee y escribe sobre ellos, sobre Piedra de sol, Los hombres del alba, Horal y La senal.
s and door panels are also slated for 2009 vehicles, according to Jane Horal, Basell's interior segment manager in Lansing, Mich.
Jane Horal, interiors segment manager, declines to identify the automaker or the application, but suggests it will replace at least some engineering thermoplastics.