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1. Of an hour or hours.
2. Occurring once an hour; hourly.

[Medieval Latin hōrārius, from Latin hōra, hour; see hour.]
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1. relating to the hours
2. hourly
[C17: from Medieval Latin hōrārius; see hour]
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(ˈhɔr ə ri, ˈhoʊr-)

adj. Archaic.
1. pertaining to an hour; indicating the hours: the horary circle.
2. occurring every hour; hourly.
[1610–20; < Medieval Latin hōrārius=hōr(a) hour + -ārius -ary]
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Adj.1.horary - relating to the hours; "the horary cycle"
archaicism, archaism - the use of an archaic expression
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I went up on to the platform just as the second lieutenant was taking the measure of the horary angles, and waited, according to habit till the daily phrase was said.
19/4 - Two hot air balloons belonging to the Israeli enemy fall in Baaqline and Jiyyeh -Cabinet approves new horary for employees
During the celebration, the University of Juba awarded President Omer al-Bashir a horary doctorate for his role to achieve peace in South Sudan.
Twenty-four hours after the last meal and previous to the first feeding horary (10:00 AM), gastric juices were obtained separately from 12 starved specimens of each species.
There is a branch of astrology called Horary, which uses the moment and place that the question was asked to draw up a chart.
Among the topics are a survey of tables for regulating the times of prayer, universal solutions to problems of spherical astronomy from Mamluk Syria and Egypt, when the night sky over Qandahar was lit only by stars, universal horary quadrants and dials, selected early and late Islamic astrolabes, the geological data on early Islamic astronomical instruments, and the quatrefoil as decoration on astrolabe retes.
Find my latest book Horary Astrology Re-Examined at Wessex Astrologer and Amazon.
On her way to the airport soldiers loyal to now horary president Ali Abdullah Saleh chanted for her.
Ambassador of Philippines Jesus I Yabes and LCCI President Irfan Qaiser Sheikh also discussed a number of sector specific measures and possibilities of joint ventures during a meeting also attended by the Vice President Saeeda Nazar, Horary Consul in Lahore Rizwan Fareed, former Vice President Shafqat Saeed Piracha and Executive Committee members.
Lunar and Horary Tables, for New and Concise Methods of Performing the Calculations Necessary for Ascertaining the Longitude.
Leach argues that perhaps the author himself did not fully understand the information he was compiling, although it is also possible that the book was intended to serve as a manual for those already possessing basic horary skills rather than as an in-depth philosophical explanation for the science behind the charts.