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A drink made of ground chufa, rice, or almonds combined with water, sweetened with sugar, and often flavored with cinnamon, usually served cold.

[Spanish, ultimately from Latin hordeum, barley (probably via Mozarabic *orǧata; akin to Old Italian orzata and Medieval Latin hordeātum, sweet drink made from barley).]
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Other intriguing choices include a Chickpea and Coconut Burger, Horchata Risotto Rice Pudding, Citrus Macadamia Gelato, and Amaranth Cheeze Grits with Roasted Collard Greens.
In the store's 14 aisles of groceries, that means stocking cans of Rose Brand pork brains with milk gravy alongside Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs; Mexican Suavatel fabric softener next to the Tide; and coconut, banana, sabor a horchata, tamarindo and tutti-frutti flavors of Royal puddings and gelatins.
AJ Reyes (Privatus Dining) wrapped heirloom rice and crab meat in taro leaves, then cooked the pouch in coconut milk; Nicco Santos (Hey Handsome) plated it with smoked milk fish otah; Myke Sarthou (Agos) cooked his with Mindanao spice called pamapa; Kevin Tuason (Tahanan Bistro) made fried roasted vegetable arancinis; and Kiddo Cosio (El Union) blitzed tinawon rice into refreshing horchata.
Most popular is Hits from the Pong ($12), with mezcal, cinnamon liqueur, horchata, habanero and lime.
A sweet and creamy Mexican treat, Sabrozo Horchata is a refreshing blend of milk, rice, cinnamon and vanilla.
He was on his way to get a horchata drink and a burrito when he realized he was low on cash.