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The one drawback of the edition is that the same typeface is used for both the text and the commentary; however, confusion can be avoided with some attention to the horizonal line and the presence of the Devanagari numerals indicating critical notes.
A Negation is not a Contrary" which opens out on a generative, horizonal understanding of being in the world.
While there is recent criticism interpreting Joyce's depiction of Stephen through Shakespeare (King 1999; Dallenbach 1989), there has been very little concern for the way in which Joyce depicts Stephen's particularly historical struggle as fundamentally tied to his unique philosophy of history--a philosophy that this essay shows to be derived from a synthesis of Aristotle and William Blake and which radically transforms the concept of "transcendence" into a fundamentally immanent and horizonal phenomenon.
"Horizonal Persons." Weavings (March/April 1995), 22-29.
Horizonal bar: Sousa (W) 8.9; Smith (W) 6.7; Lopez-Egan (W) 6.7; Bailey (W) 5.9.
His head caught the horizonal bar of the railings, leaving him with a one-and-a-half inch graze which, he believes would have been worse had he not been wearing a fleecy hood.
This heat exchanger prototype was tested under both vertical and horizonal orientations, as summarized in Table 1.
As terrestrial reference coordinate system is often thought of as the default coordinate system, everyday activity can be classified into two subclasses: (1) Vertical Motion, including {WalkingUpstairs, WalkingDownstairs, ElevatorUp, ElevatorDown}, and (2) Horizonal Motion, including {Standing, Lying, Walking, Running}.
Discussions in many nursing circles, and nursing research, suggest that bullying, incivility, horizonal hostility and lateral violence, are wide-spread in the nursing culture.
A comparative overview of horizonal solidarity in federal theory
This question allowed the research to include the horizonal backdrop of each woman's experience, with an in depth exploration of her interests, purposeful activities and habits, forming the real world ground of existence, present before the 'binge' event.