horizontal parallax

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Noun1.horizontal parallax - the maximum parallax observed when the celestial body is at the horizon
diurnal parallax, geocentric parallax - the parallax of a celestial body using two points on the surface of the earth as the earth rotates
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Stephen Benton, a part-time researcher at the Polaroid Corporation, reports that he has made holograms with horizontal parallax only, thus reducing the information content and so the bandwidth necessary to transmit or broadcast a hologram.
In this instance, (a) is the depth image calculated according to the horizontal parallax of the left and right images.
twilight times, horizontal parallax, sidereal time, and phase angle.
Another major drawback of many of these systems is that they exhibit horizontal parallax only, which means they don't work upon rotation of the device or tilting of the head.
Excessive horizontal parallax, which often occurs when the content creators intend to provide stronger 3D perception, is one of the most important factors leading to visual fatigue [4][5][6][7].