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Noun1.horizontal section - a mechanical drawing of an object as if made by a plane cutting through it horizontallyhorizontal section - a mechanical drawing of an object as if made by a plane cutting through it horizontally
mechanical drawing - scale drawing of a machine or architectural plan etc,
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Drilling of appraisal wells between 2006-08, including an extended horizontal section, by RAK Petroleum demonstrated significant oil productivity from the Mishref-Maudud and Thamama Fms, leading to development of the field.
Where the Chiltan Limestone reservoir was successfully drilled in a horizontal section with total lateral length of more than 1.
2-km horizontal section of Cretaceous and Jurassic reservoir in the Peshkabir-3 well were individually tested and flowed successfully, of which ten were oil zones and one a gas zone.
3 km horizontal section in Chiltan Formation, NF Hor-1 is one of the deepest and longest horizontal wells in tight gas reservoir drilled in Pakistan.
The Johnson #1 horizontal section is 2000 feet where the Johnson #4 re-entry will provide for two horizontal legs up to 2400 feet each, providing us with what we expect will be a greatly increased target for completion.
The technique uses a solid propellant, sent down the hole, which undergoes controlled deflagration shortly after shape charges perforate the horizontal section of the casing.
A slanted and fully cored pilot hole will be drilled through the Qawasim reservoir and followed by the drilling of a 700 m horizontal section.
Drilling operations at the Oyo-8 well, which features a vertical and a horizontal section, started in June 2014.
For a politician, and a leading one at that, to call for any part of the UK to be fracked shows a complete ignorance of what the process involves; above ground is bad enough with complete disturbance of the surroundings and the creation of a sort of hell for the local residents, below ground the fracking process involves boring down a considerable distance into the shale, then for a substantial distance horizontally forcing a mixture of water, sand and chemicals down the borehole and along the horizontal section, at great pressure, to split the shale and release the gas.
Drilling of the horizontal section will continue for another 600-700 meters after which the joint venture will decide on whether to conduct a production test.
The first horizontal well, Holdfast-2, has been cased and suspended after penetrating approximately 700 metres of the Murteree Shale, of which almost 600 metres constituted the horizontal section of the well.
According to subsequent analysis of the data, the water comes from a system of fractures located at the far end of the 927-metre (3,041-feet) horizontal section.