hormone-replacement therapy

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Noun1.hormone-replacement therapy - hormones (estrogen and progestin) are given to postmenopausal women; believed to protect them from heart disease and osteoporosis
therapy - (medicine) the act of caring for someone (as by medication or remedial training etc.); "the quarterback is undergoing treatment for a knee injury"; "he tried every treatment the doctors suggested"; "heat therapy gave the best relief"
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Breast cancer and hormone-replacement therapy in the million women study.
Volunteers who started hormone therapy well before entering the study appear to have less than a third of the risk of Alzheimer's as compared with women who never received hormone-replacement therapy.
(l.) Million Women Study Collaborators, Breast cancer and hormone-replacement therapy in the Million Women Study, Lancet, 2003, 362(9382):419-427.
The whole event had been underwritten by the pharmaceutical company Wyeth, which also happens to manufacture Prempro, the drug most widely used in hormone-replacement therapy (HRT) for post-menopausal women.
If Hager chairs the 11-member FDA committee, he will have a leadership role in studying hormone-replacement therapy, which would include access to birth-control pills and RU-486.
1-selling hormone-replacement therapy in the world to treat the symptoms of menopause.
-- The usual dose of hormone-replacement therapy should be cut in half when given to women with end-stage renal disease because women with severely impaired kidney function have much slower estrogen clearance, compared with those who have normal renal function, Dr.
While this type of hormone-replacement therapy is still controversial anti-oxidants such as selenium and vitamins A, C and E are generally considered to be helpful in mopping up the cell-damaging free radicals released into the body by stress, smoking and general wear and tear - all of which speed up the ageing process.
For example, the Women's Health Initiative is a large national study that includes a randomized, controlled, double-mind study of hormone-replacement therapy, calcium and vitamin D, and low-fat diet and their effects on heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer, and osteoporosis.
Breast cancer and hormone-replacement therapy: up to general practice to pick up the pieces.
Even as evidence accumulates that hormone-replacement therapy increases the risk of breast cancer and heart attack, stroke, and other vascular problems, one benefit of giving estrogen to older women has remained untainted: bone preservation.
"At dinner parties and everywhere else, I was asked the same questions" about the safety of hormone-replacement therapy, she says.