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Adj.1.hornlike - made of horn (or of a substance resembling horn)
hard - resisting weight or pressure
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46) By the time these cells reach the skin's surface, they become cornified or hornlike, transforming into protein-rich bricks tightly bound together by a layer of mortar composed of various lipids, up to 50% of which are ceramides.
Intervening stag hornlike vascular spaces, pseudovascular spaces and floret giant cells were seen.
The drawing of the odd object on the cover seemed suggestive, too, in connection with the title I'd chosen for the volume, An Image for Longing, with its hornlike extensions reaching in different directions.
Twelve miles north of Crater Lake, Thielsen's final 80 feet arc into the sky with a hornlike serif.
Hard pad disease, which develops two weeks after a dog contracts an active distemper infection, causes thick, hornlike callusing of the nose and paw pads.
But their defining characteristic is a red or green hornlike projection at the end of its body.
Echoing the tension in the subtle asymmetries of their postures and of this dark ground silhouetted between them, the man's hairline extends into a jagged connection with the female's forehead and is mirrored in a small, faceted, craggy shape in the bottom right corner, suggestive of a treacherous landscape, that in turn refers to another fang- or hornlike spike within the woman's arm.