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 (hô-rŏl′ə-jĭst) also ho·rol·o·ger (-jər)
One who practices or is skilled in horology.
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Noun1.horologer - someone who makes or repairs watcheshorologer - someone who makes or repairs watches
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
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So, when at this year's annual watch and jewellery fair in Basel, Switzerland, MP- 05 LaFerrari was unveiled by the Swiss horologer, watch aficionados spoke of it for days to come.
To commemorate the 190th anniversary of French horologer and inventor of chronographs Nicolas Rieussec, Montblanc has launched a piece that's set in blued steel.
The founder, president and master horologer of the company that created the Bugatti 370, the world's first watch with a transverse movement, said his company had actually expanded operations to position itself for the next boom in luxury goods.