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 (hôr′ə-bəl, hŏr′-)
1. Arousing or tending to arouse horror; dreadful: "War is beyond all words horrible" (Winston S. Churchill).
2. Very unpleasant; disagreeable.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin horribilis, from horrēre, to tremble.]

hor′ri·ble·ness n.
hor′ri·bly adv.


1. causing horror; dreadful
2. disagreeable; unpleasant
3. informal cruel or unkind
[C14: via Old French from Latin horribilis, from horrēre to tremble]
ˈhorribleness n


(ˈhɔr ə bəl, ˈhɒr-)

1. causing horror; shockingly dreadful.
2. extremely unpleasant; deplorable: horrible living conditions.
[1275–1325; Middle English (h)orrible < Old French < Latin horribilis=horri-, variant s. of horrēre + -bilis -ble]
hor′ri•ble•ness, n.
hor′ri•bly, adv.


, horror, horrid - Horrible, horror, and horrid are from Latin horrere, "stand on end" (hair) or "tremble, shudder," and the original sense of horrid was "bristly, shaggy, rough."
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horrific, horrendous, horrible, horrid - In decreasing degree of horror: horrific, horrendous, horrible, horrid.
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1. describing unpleasant events or experiences

All of these words except horrid can be used to describe a very unpleasant and shocking event, experience, or story.

Still the horrible shrieking came out of his mouth.
It was one of the most horrific experiences of my life.
...the horrifying descriptions of life in the trenches.
...the horrendous murder of a prostitute.
2. expressing dislike

In conversation, people use horrible and horrid to show their dislike for someone or something. These words can be used to describe almost anything which is unpleasant, ugly, disgusting, or depressing.

The hotel was horrible.
His suit was a horrible colour.
We had to live in a horrid little flat.
3. for emphasis

Horrible is also used in front of a noun to emphasize how bad something is. For example, you can say 'I've made a horrible mistake'.

Everything's in a horrible muddle.

Horrendous is usually used to describe something which is extremely difficult to deal with.

...horrendous problems.
The cost can be horrendous.
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Adj.1.horrible - provoking horrorhorrible - provoking horror; "an atrocious automobile accident"; "a frightful crime of decapitation"; "an alarming, even horrifying, picture"; "war is beyond all words horrible"- Winston Churchill; "an ugly wound"
alarming - frightening because of an awareness of danger


3. awful, terrible, appalling, dire, very bad, deplorable, abysmal I've made some horrible mistakes.


رَهِيبفَظيع، مُزْعِج، مُتْعِبمُرْعِب، مُخيف
khủng khiếp


[ˈhɒrɪbl] ADJ
1. (= unpleasant) [food, colour, smell, thought] → horroroso, horrible
aren't those dresses horrible?¿a que esos vestidos son horrorosos?, ¿a que son feísimos esos vestidos?
he was the most horrible person I've ever metera la persona más mala que he conocido
you're horrible!¡qué malo eres!
I've got a horrible feeling thattengo la horrible sensación de que ...
that jumper looks horrible on youese jersey te queda horroroso or espantoso
it's all a horrible messes un lío horroroso
we thought something horrible had happenedpensamos que algo horrible había pasado
the press write some horrible things about himla prensa cuenta cosas espantosas or horribles de él
what a horrible thought!¡qué idea tan horrible!
to be horrible to sbtratar fatal a algn
she's horrible to her sistertrata fatal a su hermana
don't be horrible to your brotherno seas malo con tu hermano
2. (= horrific) [crime, scream, accident] → horrible, espantoso
he died a horrible deathtuvo una muerte horrible


[ˈhɒrɪbəl] adj
[clothes] → horrible, affreux/euse; [meal, food] → dégoûtant(e); [situation, experience] → horrible
What a horrible dress! → Quelle robe horrible!, Quelle robe affreuse!
[person] → méchant(e)


(inf: = awful) → schrecklich (inf); (= ghastly) foodgrauenhaft (inf); clothes, colour, sight, smell, tastescheußlich, abscheulich; persongemein, fies (inf); what a horrible thought!was für eine schreckliche Vorstellung!; to look horriblescheußlich aussehen; that jumper looks horrible on youin dem Pullover siehst du schrecklich aus; to be horrible to somebodyfies (inf)or gemein zu jdm sein
(= horrific) death, crime, sound, war, accident, injurygrauenhaft


[ˈhɒrɪbl] adj (gen) → orribile, tremendo/a, orrendo/a; (accident) → spaventoso/a


(ˈhorə) noun
1. great fear or dislike. She has a horror of spiders; She looked at me in horror.
2. a disagreeable person or thing. Her little boy is an absolute horror.
ˈhorrible adjective
1. causing horror; dreadful. a horrible sight.
2. unpleasant. What a horrible day!
ˈhorribleness noun
ˈhorribly adverb
ˈhorrid (-rid) adjective
1. unpleasant. That was a horrid thing to say.
2. dreadful. a horrid shriek.
horrific (həˈrifik) adjective
terrible; terrifying. a horrific accident; a horrific journey.
ˈhorrify (-fai) verb
to shock greatly. Mrs Smith was horrified to find that her son had a tattooed chest.
ˈhorrifying adjective


رَهِيب strašný frygtelig scheußlich αποκρουστικός horrible kauhea horrible strašan orribile 実にひどい 끔찍한 vreselijk fryktelig straszny horrível ужасный hemsk น่าสยดสยอง korkunç khủng khiếp 恐怖的
References in classic literature ?
Certainly his kind have left horrible unconscious memories in all warm-blooded life.
A second yell soon followed the first, when a rush of voices was heard pouring down the island, from its upper to its lower extremity, until they reached the naked rock above the caverns, where, after a shout of savage triumph, the air continued full of horrible cries and screams, such as man alone can utter, and he only when in a state of the fiercest barbarity.
what horrible disturbance have we now in the house?
She stood apart from moral interests, yet close beside them, like a ghost that revisits the familiar fireside, and can no longer make itself seen or felt; no more smile with the household joy, nor mourn with the kindred sorrow; or, should it succeed in manifesting its forbidden sympathy, awakening only terror and horrible repugnance.
Ichabod endeavored to dodge the horrible missile, but too late.
He would agree to serve a certain quality at a certain price, and when the time came you and your friends would be drinking some horrible poison that could not be described.
He recalled the stainless purity of his boyish life, and it seemed horrible to him that it was here the fatal portrait was to be hidden away.
Ever since I had discovered Erik installed in the Opera, I lived in a perpetual terror of his horrible fancies, not in so far as I was concerned, but I dreaded everything for others.
This horrible sight turned me faint, but, to my surprise, my uncle did not show so much surprise as anger.
To be held paralyzed, with one's back toward some horrible and unknown danger from the very sound of which the ferocious Apache warriors turn in wild stampede, as a flock of sheep would madly flee from a pack of wolves, seems to me the last word in fearsome predicaments for a man who had ever been used to fighting for his life with all the energy of a powerful physique.
When Quincey saw the attitude and state of the patient, and noted the horrible pool on the floor, he said softly, "My God
gunboat "Myrtle," and the story of their terrible privations has become quite as well known as the far more horrible "Medusa" case.