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 (hô-rĭf′ĭk, hŏ-)
Causing horror; terrifying.

[Latin horrificus : horrēre, to tremble + -ficus, -fic.]

hor·rif′i·cal·ly adv.


(hɒˈrɪfɪk; hə-)
provoking horror; horrible
horˈrifically adv


(hɔˈrɪf ɪk, hɒ-)

causing horror.
[1645–55; < Latin horrificus=horri-, variant s. of horrēre + -ficus -fic]
hor•rif′i•cal•ly, adv.


, horrendous, horrible, horrid - In decreasing degree of horror: horrific, horrendous, horrible, horrid.
See also related terms for horror.


1. describing unpleasant events or experiences

All of these words except horrid can be used to describe a very unpleasant and shocking event, experience, or story.

Still the horrible shrieking came out of his mouth.
It was one of the most horrific experiences of my life.
...the horrifying descriptions of life in the trenches.
...the horrendous murder of a prostitute.
2. expressing dislike

In conversation, people use horrible and horrid to show their dislike for someone or something. These words can be used to describe almost anything which is unpleasant, ugly, disgusting, or depressing.

The hotel was horrible.
His suit was a horrible colour.
We had to live in a horrid little flat.
3. for emphasis

Horrible is also used in front of a noun to emphasize how bad something is. For example, you can say 'I've made a horrible mistake'.

Everything's in a horrible muddle.

Horrendous is usually used to describe something which is extremely difficult to deal with.

...horrendous problems.
The cost can be horrendous.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Adj.1.horrific - grossly offensive to decency or morality; causing horror; "subjected to outrageous cruelty"; "a hideous pattern of injustice"; "horrific conditions in the mining industry"
offensive - unpleasant or disgusting especially to the senses; "offensive odors"
2.horrific - causing fear or dread or terrorhorrific - causing fear or dread or terror; "the awful war"; "an awful risk"; "dire news"; "a career or vengeance so direful that London was shocked"; "the dread presence of the headmaster"; "polio is no longer the dreaded disease it once was"; "a dreadful storm"; "a fearful howling"; "horrendous explosions shook the city"; "a terrible curse"
alarming - frightening because of an awareness of danger


adjective horrifying, shocking, appalling, frightening, awful, terrifying, grim, dreadful, horrendous, ghastly, from hell (informal), grisly, frightful, hellacious (U.S. slang) I have never seen such horrific injuries.


مُفْزِع، مُرْعِب


[hɒˈrɪfɪk] ADJ [injury, attack, accident] → horrible, horrendo


[həˈrɪfɪk] adj [injury, accident] → horrible; [murder, attack, crime] → atroce


adjentsetzlich, schrecklich; documentaryerschreckend; price increasehorrend


[hɒˈrɪfɪk] adj (accident) → spaventoso/a; (murder) → terrificante


(ˈhorə) noun
1. great fear or dislike. She has a horror of spiders; She looked at me in horror.
2. a disagreeable person or thing. Her little boy is an absolute horror.
ˈhorrible adjective
1. causing horror; dreadful. a horrible sight.
2. unpleasant. What a horrible day!
ˈhorribleness noun
ˈhorribly adverb
ˈhorrid (-rid) adjective
1. unpleasant. That was a horrid thing to say.
2. dreadful. a horrid shriek.
horrific (həˈrifik) adjective
terrible; terrifying. a horrific accident; a horrific journey.
ˈhorrify (-fai) verb
to shock greatly. Mrs Smith was horrified to find that her son had a tattooed chest.
ˈhorrifying adjective
References in classic literature ?
In truth, so horrific and improbable are these accounts, that many sensible and well-informed people will not believe that any cannibals exist; and place every book of voyages which purports to give any account of them, on the same shelf with Blue Beard and Jack the Giant-Killer.
Slowly, every step a painful struggle of resistance, she moved toward the horrific monster.
One accuse was arrested the same day while other has been traced after raids at different locations of the city but the third suspect who involved in this horrific incident was not arrested yet.
A PSNI spokesman said: "This was a brutal and horrific attack.
ISLAMABAD -- The rape of a teenage girl ordered by a village council in 'revenge' for a rape allegedly committed by her brother is the latest in a long series of horrific incidents and must lead to urgent reforms, said Amnesty International Thursday.
attack: EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT THE EXPLOSIONS AT THE MANCHESTER ARENA ARIANA GRANDE GIG Lynn Hogarth: "Yet more hate attacks on innocent people, horrific and frightening, god bless them, RIP.
In a joint press conference with King Abdullah II of Jordan, Trump said that the chemical attack was "so horrific in Syria against innocent people, including women, small children, and even beautiful little babies.
NNA - Hezbollah sternly condemned, in a statement on Tuesday, "the horrific crime perpetrated by terrorist ISIS thugs, who beheaded a French priest inside his church and took other hostages.
Chairman Muhammad Afzal said: "We wish to share our sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers with the families and friends of those innocent people killed and injured in these horrific, coward attacks.
The badger would have had a horrific death, and she was a female so could well have young somewhere needing her care.
RSPCA acting chief inspector Emma Smith said: "This poor cat suffered a horrific ordeal.
The surgeon who operated on his horrific fractures said the injury was the worst he had seen since treating the victim of a motorcycle accident.