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 (hôr′ə-fī′, hŏr′-)
tr.v. hor·ri·fied, hor·ri·fy·ing, hor·ri·fies
1. To cause to feel horror: The citizens were horrified by the bombings. The guest was horrified at the rudeness of what he had said.
2. To cause unpleasant surprise to; shock: "I ... passed a mirror ... & was horrified at the shabbiness of my hat" (Margaret Suckley).

[Latin horrificāre, from horrificus, horrific; see horrific.]

hor′ri·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
hor′ri·fy′ing·ly adv.


1. causing feelings of horror in; awful; terrifying;
2. dismaying or greatly shocking; dreadful
ˈhorriˌfyingly adv


1. describing unpleasant events or experiences

All of these words except horrid can be used to describe a very unpleasant and shocking event, experience, or story.

Still the horrible shrieking came out of his mouth.
It was one of the most horrific experiences of my life.
...the horrifying descriptions of life in the trenches.
...the horrendous murder of a prostitute.
2. expressing dislike

In conversation, people use horrible and horrid to show their dislike for someone or something. These words can be used to describe almost anything which is unpleasant, ugly, disgusting, or depressing.

The hotel was horrible.
His suit was a horrible colour.
We had to live in a horrid little flat.
3. for emphasis

Horrible is also used in front of a noun to emphasize how bad something is. For example, you can say 'I've made a horrible mistake'.

Everything's in a horrible muddle.

Horrendous is usually used to describe something which is extremely difficult to deal with.

...horrendous problems.
The cost can be horrendous.
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Adj.1.horrifying - provoking horrorhorrifying - provoking horror; "an atrocious automobile accident"; "a frightful crime of decapitation"; "an alarming, even horrifying, picture"; "war is beyond all words horrible"- Winston Churchill; "an ugly wound"
alarming - frightening because of an awareness of danger
مُرْعِبمُفْزِع، مُرْعِب
kinh hoàng


[ˈhɒrɪfaɪɪŋ] ADJhorroroso, horripilante


[ˈhɒrɪfaɪɪŋ] adjhorrifiant(e)


adjschrecklich, fürchterlich, entsetzlich; mutilationgrauenhaft; crashentsetzlich


[ˈhɒrɪˌfaɪɪŋ] adjterrificante


(ˈhorə) noun
1. great fear or dislike. She has a horror of spiders; She looked at me in horror.
2. a disagreeable person or thing. Her little boy is an absolute horror.
ˈhorrible adjective
1. causing horror; dreadful. a horrible sight.
2. unpleasant. What a horrible day!
ˈhorribleness noun
ˈhorribly adverb
ˈhorrid (-rid) adjective
1. unpleasant. That was a horrid thing to say.
2. dreadful. a horrid shriek.
horrific (həˈrifik) adjective
terrible; terrifying. a horrific accident; a horrific journey.
ˈhorrify (-fai) verb
to shock greatly. Mrs Smith was horrified to find that her son had a tattooed chest.
ˈhorrifying adjective


مُرْعِب děsivý gruopvækkende furchtbar τρομακτικός horripilante kauhistuttava terrifiant užasavajući impressionante ぞっとさせる 무서운 verschrikkelijk sjokkerende przerażający horripilante вселяющий ужас skräckinjagande ที่ทำให้ขยะแขยง dehşet verici kinh hoàng 毛骨悚然的
References in classic literature ?
You shuddered as you gazed, and wondered what monstrous cannibal and savage could ever have gone a death-harvesting with such a hacking, horrifying implement.
He was haunted also with the hint, which somehow seemed to be equally horrifying, that it all had something to do with Mr.
With horrifying screams and roars he rushed to the ground, among the females and young, sinking his great fangs into a dozen tiny necks and tearing great pieces from the backs and breasts of the females who fell into his clutches.
With an immense and horrifying rustle the balloon brushed against a telephone pole, and for a tense instant he anticipated either an electric explosion or a bursting of the oiled silk, or both.
The silence which followed the detonation of the exploding torpedo was almost equally horrifying.
It was the very success of his last and most pretentious effort that had placed him in the horrifying predicament in which he now found himself--with the corpse of what was apparently a human being in his workshop and no available explanation that could possibly be acceptable to a matter-of-fact and unscientific police.
There was one especially horrifying phantom which we created -- the ghost of the murdered child that crept up behind you and laid cold fingers on yours.
He said they would get under way as soon as the ebb set, and expressed his gladness to be out of a port where there were no taverns and fiddlers; but all with such horrifying oaths, that I made haste to get away from him.
Here he by no means diminished the impression he had just produced, for he ate hard eggs, shell and all, devoured gigantic prawns with the heads and tails on, chewed tobacco and water-cresses at the same time and with extraordinary greediness, drank boiling tea without winking, bit his fork and spoon till they bent again, and in short performed so many horrifying and uncommon acts that the women were nearly frightened out of their wits, and began to doubt if he were really a human creature.
To kill them by kicking them to death is too horrifying for words.
THIS is the horrifying moment a gunman brought terror to a Coventry supermarket.