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 (hô-rĭp′ə-lā′shən, hŏ-)
The bristling of the body hair, as from fear or cold; goose bumps.

[Late Latin horripilātiō, horripilātiōn-, from Latin horripilātus, past participle of horripilāre, to bristle with hairs : horrēre, to tremble + pilāre, to grow hair (from pilus, hair).]

hor·rip′i·late′ v.


1. (Physiology) a technical name for gooseflesh
2. (Physiology) the erection of any short bodily hairs
[C17: from Late Latin horripilātiō a bristling, from Latin horrēre to stand on end + pilus hair]

goose′ bumps`

a bristling of the hair on the skin, as from cold or fear; horripilation. Also called goose flesh, goose pimples.
[1930–35; Amer.]


the raising of the hairs on the skin as a response to cold or fear; goose bumps or goose pimples.
See also: Cold, Fear, Skin
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Noun1.horripilation - reflex erection of hairs of the skin in response to cold or emotional stress or skin irritation
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Looking down at my thigh, I saw the horripilating vision of a convulsing hornet, an outsized, yellow-banded European Vespa.
The Consul's drinking is his key to paradise, but it is also hell, with the horrific visions that can be the down-side of the trip, and the 'inconceivable anguish of horripilating hangover thunderclapping about his skull' which directly follows the 'certainty of brightness, promise of lightness, of light, light, light, and again, of light, light, light, light, light!' (p.