hors doeuvre

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hors d'oeuvre

(ɔr ˈdɜrv)

n., pl. hors d'oeuvre (ɔr ˈdɜrv) hors d'oeuvres (ɔr ˈdɜrvz, ˈdɜrv)
a small portion of food served as an appetizer before a meal or as a snack with cocktails.
[1705–15; < French: outside of the main course]
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There will be an expanded buffet menu this year, with both hot and cold hors doeuvres, a cash bar, and various desserts.
From miniature hors doeuvres all the way to a full dinner--we do it all.
Adding wild rice or brown rice to dishes as well as serving whole wheat crackers with hors doeuvres can also ensure that there is a good amount of whole grains in your diet.