horse blanket

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: blanket - stable gear consisting of a blanket placed under the saddlehorse blanket - stable gear consisting of a blanket placed under the saddle
apishamore - a saddle blanket made of buffalo hide
saddlery, stable gear, tack - gear for a horse
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They wear old brown cloaks--so the femme de chambre told me--that you wouldn't use for a horse blanket.
It was a harness store we found ourselves in, and he fixed me up a couch of horse blankets in the private office well to the rear.
But despite being likened to a horse blanket by the media after Diana wore it on a trip to Venice with the Prince of Wales in 1985, it sold for PS11,250 at Kerry Taylor Auctions' Passion for Fashion sale in Bermondsey, south-east London on Tuesday.
Bready beers brewed with brettanomyces yeast, yielding a taste like that of a horse blanket, according to Ms.
There's almost none of those horse blanket and barnyard notes that can be associated with wild yeast.
As the cold weather really hit this week, he was pleased to see someone had put a horse blanket over its back to help it through the cold winter nights.
Figure 2 below is an example of an S-6 horse blanket that was pulled from the S-6 COP.
NOT THAT COLD The statue of Desert Orchid next to Kempton's parade ring was kept warm under a horse blanket before racing yesterday.
However, I hear from Seven Barrows he's ready to throw his horse blanket into the Festival ring now and the progressive grey will appreciate today's step up in trip.
DANNII: "Totally un-flattering, this is a cross between a horse blanket and a Chinaman's dressing gown.
Of course, having a horse blanket doesn't preclude the use of an online directory.