horse breeding

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breeding - the production of animals or plants by inbreeding or hybridization
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Agriculture Minister Matena discussed investments with Sheikh Mansour as well as horse breeding, equitation and falconry.
Tenders are invited for Purchage of Horse Ration For Horse Breeding Farm , Inaj.
Projects on provision of population with high-quality meat, establishment of horse breeding, livestock breeding, fish farming and poultry farming were also presented there.
Ambassador of Turkmenistan briefed that today Turkmenistan carries out systematic work on the further development of the horse breeding industry, modernization of its infrastructure, increasing the number of heads of pedigree Ahalteke horses, intensification of international cooperation in this sphere, popularization of various equestrian sports and national traditions of horse riding.
It draws on the author's fieldwork to consider how Sakha society and its traditional subsistence activities conformed to the market economy after the collapse of socialism, focusing on their technology and ecology of cattle and horse breeding and their cultural history, productivity, and the flexibility of their relationship with nature.
The event, which started on Friday, aimed to revive legendary Ahaltekin horse breeding traditions, reports Anadolu Agency.
Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain's (SHB(GB)) council voted unanimously in favour, despite a wave of objections from members when it was proposed last month.
She made the trip after receiving a training bursary from the Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust, which educates young people about responsible horse breeding.
According to Director of the Arabian Thoroughbred Horses Office at the Agriculture Ministry, Mohammad al-Wadi, terrorist stole or vandalized most horse breeding centers, and that terrorists stole 195 out of 197 stallions, mares and foals that were in Al-Bassel Center which are valued at SYP 275 millions.
A BOOMING horse breeding firm has applied to further expand its business with the addition of an equine clinic.
Horse domestication had major cultural, socioeconomic, and even genetic implications for the numerous prehistoric and historic human populations that at different times adopted horse breeding," said Alessandro Achilli, a geneticist at the University of Perugia in Italy.
Mark and Patti Blackwell engaged in horse breeding and training in Delano, Minn.