horse cart

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: cart - heavy carthorse cart - heavy cart; drawn by a horse; used for farm work
cart - a heavy open wagon usually having two wheels and drawn by an animal
dray, camion - a low heavy horse cart without sides; used for haulage
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A local resident has said that shopkeepers, push-cart venders, horse cart and donkey cart owners have established their permanent setups over footpaths on both sides of the roads and alleged that they have the support of Taluka Municipal Administration Sukkur.
It takes Simon 13 hours to go to Boston with his horse cart.
clue sobrou da la corrida de carrocas do centro do Recife (What's Left of the 1st Horse Cart Race of Downtown Recife) 2012-14, an immersive installation commissioned for "Cruzamentos: Contemporary Art in Brazil" at the Wexner Center for the Arts.
labourer, sometimes as a horse cart driver, and sometimes as a solider.
The picture of Paul's horse cart brought back memories of my childhood when we lived in Queensland Avenue.
There has also been an elephant race, an elephant beauty contest, a bull cart race, a horse cart race and other cultural shows over the three days.
Nearby, an old man struggled to load old reinforcement bars into a horse cart.
The many temples can be seen from the comfort of a car, a scenic horse cart or by bicycle.
Peshawar, Jan 19(ANI): A bomb planted in a horse cart exploded near a school in Peshawar on Wednesday, killing one person and injuring over a dozen others, including eight girl students.
While continuing your journey take a break at Abant and take a walking or horse cart tour of Lake Abant.
Ever since Cassel Goorin first sold Goorin hats off the back of a horse cart in 1895, the company has evolved into celebrated purveyors of contemporary, street-smart hats sold in storefronts, specialty boutiques, major retailers, online and is recognized and sold worldwide.
Free children's activities and horse cart rides are available, and there is a Scottish dog parade and photo contest.