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Negotiation characterized by hard bargaining and shrewd exchange: political horse-trading.

horse trade n.
horse′-trade′ v.
horse trader n.
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[ˈhɔːsˌtreɪdɪŋ] nmercanteggiamento
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Simpson spent little time with his family, owing to certain awkward methods of horse-trading, or the "swapping" of farm implements and vehicles of various kinds,-- operations in which his customers were never long suited.
As extra man at the biggest livery stable, Billy's spare time was so great that he drifted into horse-trading. It was hazardous, and more than once he was broke, but the table never wanted for the best of steak and coffee, nor did they stint themselves for clothes.
ABBOTTABAD -- PTI MPA and Abbottabad District Development Advisory Committee chairman Sardar Mohammad Idrees has rejected the horse-trading charge levelled by the party leadership against him.
Names of those who minted money have also been released and hopefully the Party and its allies would move quickly against those who made mockery of the democratic and electoral process by indulging in large-scale horse-trading. Switching of loyalties might be justified to some extent if it is based on morality and principles but selling oneself and one's conscience for the sake of money is nothing but loathsome.
To a question about horse-trading, he said there were reports of horse-trading in Senate chairman's elections.
She held that people will seek a reply from them and will reject them on the basis of corruption and further added that the ECP took notice of horse trading in Senate polls on the ruling party's petition."We want that there should be such a law that nobody is able to indulge in horse-trading again," she remarked.
ISLAMABAD -- Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said he proposed the name of Raza Rabbani of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) to end horse-trading in Senate.
Talking about alleged horse-trading in the Senate elections, the PTI chief said that the current system of secret ballots promotes the buying and selling of votes.
MARDAN -- Senior Provincial Minister for Health Sheram Khan Tarakai has demanded of his party leadership to not only take stern action but also to expel those PTI lawmakers from party who were found involved in horse-trading during the recently held senate elections.
Chaudhry said that the party has put its 16 members of Khyber-Pakhtun Assembly in the 'grey area' due to their alleged involvement in horse-trading in the recently held Senate polls.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Jan 17 (ANI): BJP state unit chief and former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has alleged that Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy was indulging in horse-trading by offering money and ministerial posts to his MLAs.
PESHAWAR -- Three women MPAs of the PTI on Friday denied the horse-trading charge and warned that they would sue the party leadership after two weeks if it didn't withdraw their names from the list of lawmakers, who, it claimed, had sold their votes in the recent Senate elections.