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Noun1.horsehair wig - a wig made of horsehair; "the English judiciary wear their traditional horsehair wigs"
wig - hairpiece covering the head and made of real or synthetic hair
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Nick lives up to his name in the first episode by "nicking'' expensive legal regalia, including the traditional horsehair wig that must be worn at all times in court.
It seems that inside every panellist is a barrister dying to get out and if the comedy thing ever dries up, somewhere out there is a horsehair wig with Lee Mack's name on it.
HERO I'd want to go before a fully gowned judge, resplendent in the finest horsehair wig money can buy.
It would seem eccentric if his example wasn't followed by all the other barristers in Court 12, including owner-breeder John Kelsey-Fry QC, whose horsehair wig looks as if it may trace back to one of the horses Dawson poisoned.
She's got a brain as sharp as Gary Trevors' kitchen knife and looks to make a judge's horsehair wig stand on end.
THE 17th century horsehair wig, the traditional emblem of the legal system,may well be scrapped.
More than a wee bit rich, surely, from a QC who cuts about in his day job in black breeches, silk stockings and a horsehair wig.
Away from the black robes and the horsehair wig, McKern put in a string of acclaimed portrayals.
As my man in the horsehair wig says: "There they were, eager to quadruple their earnings, with eyes like cash registers, only to be told that the entire system was under review."
The curly horsehair wigs have been used in court since the 1600s, during the reign of Charles II, when they became a symbol of the British judicial system.