horseless carriage

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horse·less carriage

An automobile, especially one of the late 1800s or early 1900s.
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horse′less car′riage

(ˈhɔrs lɪs)
an automobile.
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Noun1.horseless carriage - an early term for an automobilehorseless carriage - an early term for an automobile; "when automobiles first replaced horse-drawn carriages they were called horseless carriages"
auto, automobile, car, motorcar, machine - a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
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It had rained earlier in the week and Martin was obliged to be careful of the chuck-holes in the sticky, heavy gumbo soon to be the bane of pioneers venturing forth in what were to be known for a few short years as "horseless carriages."
They were congregated round a vast inclosure; they were elevated on amphitheatrical wooden stands, and they were perched on the roofs of horseless carriages, drawn up in rows.
In a move that caught petitioners against Marcos' burial at Libingan ng mga Bayani off-guard, the Marcos family flew in Marcos' remains from Ilocos Norte province on Friday morning and interred them in an hour-long ceremony that featured a horseless carriage, a military march, taps, and a 21-gun salute.
"The Regent Street Motor Show really does have something for everyone: the cars on display represent motoring history in its entirety, from the earliest days of the horseless carriage to the electric vehicles we will all be driving tomorrow," said Peter Read, Chairman of the Royal Automobile Club's Motoring Committee.
Before the "horseless carriage'' took over the streets (just beginning in this early 20th century picture), bicycles were a popular means of transportation.
| IN 1817, Karl von Drais, a German baron, invented a horseless carriage that would help him get around faster.
Further, they stocked parts and did repairs and lent an element of trust for buyers who weren't entirely sure that this horseless carriage fad would last.
Its first automobile was significantly, and unusually, designed from first principles as a car and not as a horseless carriage with a single-cylinder 1,306cc engine, a piston with two connecting rods to separate the crankshafts, and flywheels rotating in opposite directions, for smoother running.
All of the businesses that were changed out of existence by the arrival of the horseless carriage were related.
New York, April 29 ( ANI ): A Brooklyn-born exotic car designer is building a prototype of an electric "horseless carriage" that could debut on city streets in about a year.
Shutterbugs with an eye for vintage vehicles will have plenty to shoot over the next few days, courtesy of the Portland regional group of the Horseless Carriage Club of America.