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Verb1.hose down - water with a hose; "hose the lawn"
irrigate, water - supply with water, as with channels or ditches or streams; "Water the fields"
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يَغْسِل بالخُرْطوم
očistit stříkáním
tömlõvel lemos
umyť striekaním
hortumla yıkamak


1. (also ˈhosepipe) a rubber, plastic etc tube which bends and which is used to carry water etc. a garden hose; a fireman's hose.
2. an older word for stockings or socks. woollen hose.
to apply water to by means of a hose. I'll go and hose the garden/car.
hosiery (ˈhəuziəri) noun
knitted goods, especially stockings, socks and tights.
hose reel
a revolving drum for carrying hoses.
hose down
to clean (eg a car) by means of water brought by a hose.
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| HOUSEPLANTS such as the umbrella tree, Kentian palm and philodendron can be brought outside for some fresh air and hose down to get rid of any dust.
He added: "Drove over it earlier and now my car is absolutely honking and that's after giving it a good hose down."
The bags are made of waterrepellent cordura or waxed cotton, which hose down easily if mucky.
Typical applications include Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage production where hose down may be required.
This cool feature, along with an onboard washout port, makes it a breeze to hose down the underside of the mower deck.
Then home, muddy and shattered, for a hose down and a packet of Jaffa Cakes.