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The socket or neck in the head of a golf club into which the shaft is inserted.

[Diminutive of hose.]
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(Golf) the socket or hollow part of the head of an iron golf club into which the shaft is fitted
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(ˈhoʊ zəl)

the socket for the shaft in the head of a golf club.
[1895–1900; hose + -el diminutive suffix]
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The next drive wasn't much better, again finding thick stuff on the left that would snag and twist the hosel to send his approach into God-forsaken land well below this dramatically sloping green.
In any case, the man who insists a flat left wrist will smooth out your swing, opened up the club face, caught it off the hosel and shanked a big one Wednesday morning.
Most impressive is Honma's adjustable hosel. The clubface can be adjusted for loft (+/- 1-degree), lie (+/- 2 degrees) and face angle (maximum of 1.5 degrees) all without changing the shaft's orientation or spine.
"Then he puts his club down and slides it so the ball is virtually on the inside of the hosel. I thought he was going to have a practice swing and suddenly, 'Boom', the ball goes away.
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What would the value of Bubba Watson's sand wedge be if it were bent at the hosel? Values can run high, and even experienced golfers may not know how to value or identify the various types of clubs; what's custom or hybrid, what came as a set, or what was purchased separately.
Callaway Big Bertha: Tech Talk: Eight settings on the adjustable hosel independently change loft and lie angle.
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Then I got a bad lie and was trying to just come down as steep as I could and ended up hitting it right out of the hosel.
When the clubhead sweeps through heavy rough, the hosel (the junction of the shaft and clubhead) can become entangled in the long grass creating a large deceleration of the clubhead through impact resulting in high strain across the forearm flexors.