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n. Canadian Slang
A clumsy, boorish person, especially an uncouth, beer-drinking man.
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1. slang US a person who swindles or deceives others
2. slang Canadian an unsophisticated, esp rural, person
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(ˈhoʊ zər)
n. Canadian Slang.
1. an uncouth man.
2. a Canadian.
[1980–85; orig. uncertain]
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Dylan Bosa, 18, of Hoser Avenue, Lewisham, Luke Mullings, 20, of Castlecombe Road, Greenwich and, Tommi Harradine, 21, of Southover, Barnet were found guilty of robbery following a trial in May.
(As Phil Georgeff would say, "Can't split em.") Die-hard Pale Hoser Rich Roeper was an energizing addition to Roe Conn's WGN-AM (720) crew from John Barleycorn's before Tuesday's Sox-Cubs opener.
Henryk Hoser, arzobispo emerito de Varsovia-Praga (Polonia), como visitador apostolico con caracter especial para la parroquia de Medjugorje por tiempo indefinido ad niitum Sanctae Sedis, con la finalidad de asegurar un acompanamiento estable y continuo a dicha comunidad parroquial y a los fieles que alli acuden en peregrinacion.
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It is also argued that the privacy options offered by most social networking sites (SNSs) do not provide users with the flexibility needed to handle conflicts with individuals who have different conceptions of privacy (Preibusch, Hoser, Gurses and Berendt, 2007).
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"Hoser" is shown to have been created by the quintessential comedic team Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas on SCTV in 1981.
Hitler lived in a home in Munich that was owned by a Jewish merchant between the years 1920 and 1929, according to Paul Hoser. Hitler spent one of those years in Landsberg prison for his and his Nazi Party's failed coup attempt known as the Beer Hall Putsch, in 1923 in Munich in the German state of Bavaria.
Zion and Na-Kel charged the hoser while Chima made nice with the arriving cops.