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n. Canadian Slang
A clumsy, boorish person, especially an uncouth, beer-drinking man.
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1. slang US a person who swindles or deceives others
2. slang Canadian an unsophisticated, esp rural, person
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(ˈhoʊ zər)
n. Canadian Slang.
1. an uncouth man.
2. a Canadian.
[1980–85; orig. uncertain]
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Braumeister Smith (Max von Sydow) has a plan to take over the world with his new brew, and only the Great White hosers of the North, Bob and Doug -- with their plaid shirts, ski toques, fur-lined parkas and addiction to beer -- can stop the dastardly plan, sober or not.
"Originally I was supposed to do episode 5, and Zach did write that episode, but I was doing 'Yoga Hosers' press and had to miss it.
She has just finished doing three films: Yoga Hosers, The Dancer (in which she plays Isadora Duncan) and Planetarium (costarring with Natalie Portman).
"Yoga Hosers" is an imbecilic, strenuously wacky helping of see-what-sticks juvenilia that finds director Kevin Smith continuing the "True North Trilogy" he began with 2013's rather more endurable "Tusk." Crossing a high-school comedy with a small-town gremlin movie, this cobbled-together live-action cartoon supplies an endless stream of Canada jokes in service of a plot about a hostile takeover by long-dormant Manitoban Nazis who take the form of sodomy-inclined sausages.
Rick is best known as Bob McKenzie, one of the McKenzie Brothers from "Great White North." In case you want to know how my mind works, check out my favorite clip, "the mouse in a beer bottle." Rick is credited with coining the phrase "hoser," but we all called ourselves "hosers" in my high school before Rick made it with Second City Television.
She also starred in the upcoming horror comedy film Yoga Hosers, alongside director Kevin Smith's daughter, Harley Quinn Smith.
Minneapolis, MN, April 10, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Kevin Smith, who wrote and directed Clerks, Yoga Hosers and the series "Comic Book Men" among his many credits, will host “Wizard World Presents: An Evening With Kevin Smith” on May 1 in Minneapolis.
Pirates of the Caribbean star Depp is set to team up with 15-year-old Lily-Rose for Kevin Smith flick Yoga Hosers.
Winners, losers, and hosers: Demand and survival in the National Hockey League.
And, yes, the Fire Hosers actually perform wearing the gear pictured in their photograph.
A SELF-DESCRIBED "primer for hosers, immigrants and socialists," this slim volume brims with a steady stream of [probably overwrought) Canadianisms, paired with unapologetically prescriptive exhortations for a "new Canada." Say what you will of this style of polemic - it has been used steadily and unabashedly by the Right, and to great effect.
(8) quoted in Lynn Van Martre, "G'day you hosers!," Chicago Tribune, January 1 7, 1982.