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 (hŏs′pĭ-tə-bəl, hŏ-spĭt′ə-bəl)
1. Disposed to treat guests with warmth and generosity.
2. Indicative of cordiality toward guests: a hospitable act.
3. Having an open mind; receptive: hospitable to new ideas.
4. Favorable to growth and development; agreeable: a hospitable environment.

[Obsolete French, from Medieval Latin *hospitābilis, from Latin hospitāre, to put up as a guest, from hospes, hospit-, guest, host; see ghos-ti- in Indo-European roots.]

hos′pi·ta·bly adv.
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Adv.1.hospitably - in a hospitable manner; "she was received hospitably by her new family"
inhospitably - in an inhospitable manner; "she was received inhospitably by her new family"
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بِكَرَم، بِضِيافَه
vendégszeretõ módon
meî gestrisni


[hɒsˈpɪtəblɪ] ADVcon hospitalidad
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[hɒsˈpɪtəblɪ] advin modo ospitale
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(həˈspitəbl) adjective
showing kindness to guests. She is one of the most hospitable people I know.
hoˈspitably adverb
hoˈspitableness noun
hospitality (hospiˈtaləti) noun
a friendly welcome for guests or strangers, which often includes offering them food, drink etc.
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References in classic literature ?
He set out on his return, to report his discoveries; but night overtaking him, he was kindly and hospitably entertained at the camp of Wyeth.
Every time Levin tried to penetrate beyond the outer chambers of Sviazhsky's mind, which were hospitably open to all, he noticed that Sviazhsky was slightly disconcerted; faint signs of alarm were visible in his eyes, as though he were afraid Levin would understand him, and he would give him a kindly, good-humored repulse.
He had carried it off as a good joke with Scott, excused his little wife as well as he could, and played the host so hospitably that his friend enjoyed the impromptu dinner, and promised to come again, but John was angry, though he did not show it, he felt that Meg had deserted him in his hour of need.
Burch prayed for grandfather, and called him a man of God, and thanked our Heavenly Father that his spirit was still alive in his descendants (that was you), and that the good old house where so many of the brethren had been cheered and helped, and from which so many had gone out strengthened for the fight, was still hospitably open for the stranger and wayfarer."
I stayed with them until they had collected as much pepper as they wished, and then they took me back to their own country and presented me to their king, by whom I was hospitably received.
He went into the house, and was kindly received and hospitably entertained.
She taught her daughter, then, by her own affection for it, that love for a country where they had both been hospitably received, and where a brilliant future opened before them.
"Better ask him to dinner, my dear," the Admiral suggested hospitably. "He's a fine young fellow, Granet.
There was no hurry, he said; a week hence would do; and his mother hospitably said the same.
I should not like your worship to have any difference with my lord and lady; for if you fall out with them it is plain it must do me harm; and as you give me advice to be grateful it will not do for your worship not to be so yourself to those who have shown you such kindness, and by whom you have been treated so hospitably in their castle.
Now, therefore, have pity upon me and grant that I may find friends and be hospitably received by the Phaeacians."
When at last I reached our lodgings I was tired and sleepy, and glad enough to settle down again into the easy-chair, while Arthur hospitably went to his cupboard, to get me out some cake and wine, without which, he declared, he could not, as a doctor, permit my going to bed.