hospital bed

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bed - a single bed with a frame in three sections so the head or middle or foot can be raised as requiredhospital bed - a single bed with a frame in three sections so the head or middle or foot can be raised as required
leg - one of the supports for a piece of furniture
single bed - a bed for one occupant
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One morning, a week after I had come off the table, I lay on my hospital bed, weak and weary.
I can be making some calculations with reference to the number of hospital beds for each transport.
The UK-wide problem of patients well enough to be discharged home continuing to occupy a hospital bed is called delayed transfers of care.
This means that the province has only one hospital bed for nearly 1,200 people, which is less than half of the global hospital beds to people ratio ascertained by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
'The figures are still not close to the Health Ministry's strategic plan under the 11th Malaysia Plan (RMK-11) targets of a doctor to population ratio of 1:400 and a hospital bed to population ratio of 2.3: 1000,' he told the state legislative assembly sitting here today.
MORE than 9,000 patients were denied a hospital bed last month, figures revealed yesterday.
Callum Hudson-Odoi says he is on the road to recovery after posting from his hospital bed following an operation on his ruptured Achilles tendon.
For patients looking for a high quality Hill Rom hospital bed cheap Hospital Direct Medical Equipment provides an outlet that few other companies are able to provide for high quality medical beds at a more affordable price than buying new.
A PATIENT who lived in a bungalow was kept in her hospital bed for five days as staff tried to assess whether she could cope with stairs at home if discharged.
Paratechno's skilled staff is fully familiar with the structure of a hospital bed and how it's used.
Hospital bed capacity in the Luis Hora Memorial Regional Hospital will be increased from 100 to 200 beds, while the bed capacity at Zamboanga City Medical Center will be increased from 500 to 800 beds.
Ejercito said that the increase in hospital bed capacity 'is an increase in the trust of our people in our public hospitals.'

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