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chaplain - a clergyman ministering to some institution
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The pair were blessed by hospital chaplain Clare Ord.
A hospital chaplain is appealing for volunteers to help bring patients to and from Mass at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.
The family of a well loved Wishaw minister and hospital chaplain have paid a touching tribute to him.
While his job as a hospital chaplain naturally involves supporting people through the most horrendous things life can throw at someone, Martin never thought it would involve becoming a detective.
I have been nursing for more than 30 years, in many different clinical settings, and have always found the hospital chaplain a godsend (excuse the pun).
During the service name cards are collected and read out by the Canon of Chester and hospital chaplain John Kingsley.
What can we learn about death, dying, and the human spirit as we journey with a hospital chaplain into sickrooms like these?
"When I started out (in the ICU), I felt very useless and frustrated," New York-Presbyterian Hospital chaplain Joel Berning told CNN.
Hospital chaplain George Spencer said: "We hope these services can be beacons of light in what can be a dark time for parents."
By KELLY WILLIAMS A HOSPITAL chaplain found dead on a beach was wearing clothes that were "wet through" as if he'd been in the water.
THE body found on the beach at Llanddulas on Wednesday is that of a North Wales hospital chaplain.
A matron of long, long ago recalls Shotley Hospital's "Glory Days" Then she fades into obscurity While clinging to its past And the spirit of a hospital chaplain prays For her, Prays for us, Prays for Shotley Bridge Hospital But pardons the construction workers Who ripped out its heart And no one cared.

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