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n. pl. hos·pi·tal·i·ties
1. Cordial and generous reception of or disposition toward guests.
2. An instance of cordial and generous treatment of guests.

[Middle English hospitalite, from Old French, from Latin hospitālitās, from hospitālis, of a guest; see hospital.]
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n, pl -ties
1. kindness in welcoming strangers or guests
2. receptiveness
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(ˌhɒs pɪˈtæl ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers; an act or show of welcome.
2. the quality of being hospitable and welcoming to guests or strangers.
[1325–75; Middle English hospitalite < Middle French < Latin hospitālitās=hospitāli(s)]
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  1. Giving a party is very much like having a baby; its conception is more fun than its completion —Anon
  2. Hospitable as Welcome Wagoners —Lisa Harris

    The hospitality described in Harris’ book, The World of a Hasidic Family, is that of the Lubavitcher women in New York’s Crown Heights section.

  3. A host is like a general: it takes a mishap to reveal his genius —Horace
  4. The service was as slow as the progress of a snail and a good-humored as Rip Van Winkle —O. Henry
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Noun1.hospitality - kindness in welcoming guests or strangershospitality - kindness in welcoming guests or strangers
welcome - a greeting or reception; "the proposal got a warm welcome"
inhospitality - unkind and inconsiderate welcome; "he was taken aback by such inhospitality"
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noun welcome, warmth, kindness, friendliness, sociability, conviviality, neighbourliness, cordiality, heartiness, hospitableness Every visitor is overwhelmed by the hospitality of the people.
"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares" Bible: Hebrews
"hospitality: the virtue which induces us to feed and lodge certain persons who are not in need of food and lodging" [Ambrose Bierce The Devil's Dictionary]
"Welcome the coming, speed the going guest" [Alexander Pope Imitations of Horace]
"When hospitality becomes an art, it loses its very soul" [Max Beerbohm And Even Now]
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حُسْنُ الضِّيَافَةُكَرَم الضِّيافَه
lòng hiếu khách


A. Nhospitalidad f
corporate hospitalityhospitalidad f corporativa
B. CPD hospitality area Nzona f de recepción para invitados importantes
hospitality tent Ncarpa f de recepción para invitados importantes
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[ˌhɒspɪˈtælɪti] n
(= welcoming behaviour) → hospitalité f
(provided by a company)accueil m
lavish hospitality → un accueil somptueuxhospitality industry nindustrie f hôtelière, hôtellerie f
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nGastfreundschaft f, → Gastlichkeit f; (Comm: = refreshments etc for clients) → Bewirtung f
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[ˌhɒspɪˈtælɪtɪ] nospitalità
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(həˈspitəbl) adjective
showing kindness to guests. She is one of the most hospitable people I know.
hoˈspitably adverb
hoˈspitableness noun
hospitality (hospiˈtaləti) noun
a friendly welcome for guests or strangers, which often includes offering them food, drink etc.
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حُسْنُ الضِّيَافَةُ pohostinnost gæstfrihed Gastfreundschaft φιλοξενία hospitalidad vieraanvaraisuus hospitalité gostoljubivost ospitalità 歓待 환대 gastvrijheid gjestfrihet gościnność hospitalidade гостеприимство gästfrihet การรับรองแขก konukseverlik lòng hiếu khách 好客
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- Expedition of M'Dougal and David Stuart- Comcomly, the OneEyed Chieftain.- Influence of Wealth in Savage Life.- Slavery Among the Natives.-An Aristocracy of Flatheads.- Hospitality Among the Chinooks- Comcomly's Daughter.- Her Conquest.
I could not violate my sense of hospitality by compelling them to endure this hardship.
"As for you, sir," he cried, "you should at least remember that you are in a strange house and--receiving hospitality; you should not take the opportunity of tormenting an old man, sir, who is too evidently out of his mind."
The Fox, unable even to taste it, met with a fitting requital, after the fashion of her own hospitality.
The hospitality of Allworthy; with a short sketch of the characters of two brothers, a doctor and a captain, who were entertained by that gentleman.
Vernon, which had reached me, in common with the world in general, and gained my entire belief before I saw you, but which you, by the exertion of your perverted abilities, had made me resolved to disallow, have been unanswerably proved to me; nay more, I am assured that a connection, of which I had never before entertained a thought, has for some time existed, and still continues to exist, between you and the man whose family you robbed of its peace in return for the hospitality with which you were received into it; that you have corresponded with him ever since your leaving Langford; not with his wife, but with him, and that he now visits you every day.
The prince procured for Marie Michon the dress of a cavalier and for Kitty that of a lackey; he sent them two excellent horses, and the fugitives went out hastily from Tours, shaping their course toward Spain, trembling at the least noise, following unfrequented roads, and asking for hospitality when they found themselves where there was no inn."
But in that gale, the port, the land, is that ship's direst jeopardy; she must fly all hospitality; one touch of land, though it but graze the keel, would make her shudder through and through.
He appeals to the world-famed hospitality of Athens and hints at the blessings that his coming will confer on the State.
To this order I belong, brother goatherds, to whom I return thanks for the hospitality and kindly welcome ye offer me and my squire; for though by natural law all living are bound to show favour to knights-errant, yet, seeing that without knowing this obligation ye have welcomed and feasted me, it is right that with all the good-will in my power I should thank you for yours."
``I asked you, my children,'' said the Prior, raising his voice, and using the lingua Franca, or mixed language, in which the Norman and Saxon races conversed with each other, ``if there be in this neighbourhood any good man, who, for the love of God, and devotion to Mother Church, will give two of her humblest servants, with their train, a night's hospitality and refreshment?''
The peddler with his pack traversed the country by all manner of lonely roads, and was compelled to rely upon the country people for hospitality. This brought him into relation with queer characters, some of whom were not altogether scrupulous in their methods of making a living, murder being an acceptable means to that end.

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