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Mucociliary clearance represents a host defense mechanism of airways that can be compromised by various pathologic conditions, such as nasal septal deviation.
Vice versa, particularly in immature mosquitoes, parasitized individuals may suffer increased mortality due to either a slower response by the mosquito to its host defense mechanism or predation.
14 ( ANI ): By using a strain of mice that mimics many of the features of the human immune system and can be infected with the most common human form of the malaria parasite, a team of scientists has identified a key host defense mechanism.
This host defense mechanism called pyroptosis ("going up in flames") eliminates places for the germs to reproduce.
Whatever the malarial parasite load is there, platelet count despite the result of either both immunological and non-immunological mechanisms or host defense mechanism, not yet clear, definitely doesn't depend on parasite load.
But the findings add to evidence that "sleep, like fever, may represent a basic host defense mechanism," contend Michael Irwin, a psychiatrist at the San Diego Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and his coworkers.