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n. pl. hos·til·i·ties
1. The state of being hostile; antagonism or enmity. See Synonyms at enmity.
a. A hostile act.
b. hostilities Acts of war; overt warfare.
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Noun1.hostilities - fightinghostilities - fighting; acts of overt warfare; "the outbreak of hostilities"
armed combat, combat - an engagement fought between two military forces
أعمال حَرْبِيَّه، أعمال عُدوانيَّه
nepřátelské akcesrážky
ellenségeskedésekháborús cselekmények
nepriateľské akcie


[hɒˈstɪlɪtiz] npl (= fighting) → hostilités fpl
a cessation of hostilities → la cessation des hostilités


(ˈhostail) adjective
1. unfriendly; warlike. hostile tribesmen.
2. belonging to an enemy. a hostile army.
3. showing dislike or opposition to something. a hostile attitude.
hoˈstilities (-ˈsti-) noun plural
acts of war; battles. The two countries were engaged in hostilities.
hoˈstility (-ˈsti-) noun
unfriendliness; opposition.
References in classic literature ?
During his short conference, Heyward, finding a respite from his gravest fears, had leisure to admire the cautious manner in which the Hurons had made their approaches, even after hostilities had ceased.
They continued their hostilities in this manner until the fifteenth of April, 1777, when they attacked Boonsborough with a party of above one hundred in number, killed one man, and wounded four--Their loss in this attack was not certainly known to us.
Murdstone seemed afraid of a renewal of hostilities, and interposing began:
It was plain, therefore, that the attack would be developed from the north and that on the other three sides we were only to be annoyed by a show of hostilities.
Let us therefore proceed to examine whether the people are not right in their opinion that a cordial Union, under an efficient national government, affords them the best security that can be devised against HOSTILITIES from abroad.
The bishop came to visit du Bousquier, and seemed glad of the cessation of hostilities.
It would look strange indeed to my people and to yours were the Princess of Helium to give herself to her country's enemy in the midst of hostilities.
Martin and the fort of La Pree; and hostilities with La Rochelle had commenced, two or three days before, about a fort which the Duc d'Angouleme had caused to be constructed near the city.
As to King Charles, the question must be viewed differently; in receiving and aiding him, France will censure the acts of the English nation, and thus so essentially harm England, and especially the well-being of the government, that such a proceeding will be equivalent to pronounced hostilities.
The appearance of Judge Temple and the ladies produced, if not a pacification, at least a cessation of hostilities.
Her private hostilities began when the firm's ceased.
The therns must have caught and translated the message almost as soon as did we, for they immediately renewed hostilities when they realized that we were soon to be set upon by other enemies.