v.t. -rolled, -roll•ing.
to roll (metal) at a heat high enough to permit recrystallization.
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Where we score, though, is in our extrusion process--the high cycle fatigue of an extruded shaft as we make it in titanium 834, our number-one high-temperature titanium material that gives at least a 30% gain in high-cycle fatigue strength compared to the same material with the hot-roll process.
Kawasaki Steel is not challenging the ruling that it dumped hot-rolled steel products as it sees no chance of winning such an appeal, but is questioning the dumping margin, according to the company.
Other bars and rods (not in coils) forged, hot-rolled, hot-rolled or extruded without further processing, including rolled after rolling, from other unalloyed steel (except hollow rods and rods and automatic steel products) 120 t, 200 000 byn2
Taipei, March 9, 2010 (CENS) -- With the JFE of Japan recently raising selling prices of hot-rolled steel by 27% to US$700 per metric ton, Taiwan's steel product manufacturers are expected to follow suit.
U.S.-bound exports of hot-rolled steel have been surging since spring 1998 due to the strong U.S.
rolled flat sheet, obtained by hot-rolled cutting a wide strip of steel, except stainless and high-speed.
For instance, CSC has raised the prices for hot-rolled steel for shipment in January and February to reach US$570 per metric ton and that for shipment in March has been elevated to US$600, although its production costs reach only between US$460 and US$470 per metric ton.
Separately, Brazil agreed late Tuesday to suspend hot-rolled steel shipments to the United States by nearly one-third in exchange for a waiver of retroactive punitive tariffs. Hot-rolled high-quality rolled steel with free winding into the coils of unalloyed steel
CSC recently raised domestic wholesale prices for the most popular hot-rolled steel to be delivered in March by NT$1,000 (US$31.44) per metric ton, or an increase of 4.92%, with such price hike to help CSC register handsome profits after March with yearly earnings expected to reach NT$40 billion (US$1.25 billion) this year.
Commerce Department that Japanese steelmakers are dumping hot-rolled steel in the U.S.
Request for quotations : purchase of hot-rolled metal products gost 19903-2015, grade 08ps, 20.