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A horse of any of various breeds having a light build and an excitable temperament, especially an Arabian or Thoroughbred.
Relating to or having the characteristics of a hotblood.

[Probably on the model of coldblood and warmblood.]
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(Breeds) a collective term for Arabian, Barb, and Thoroughbred horses
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Their second round was swimwear, and the crowd went wild as the guys strutted their stuff in hotblood trunks - I had to wipe Jane's forehead to calm her down after she'd interviewed them all!
This equation--bodily skill = psychological confidence = the poet's ideal, which the form demonstrates--holds for the flower, for "Hotblood on Friday," for the cycle-gang kids in "Black Jackets," for the otter in "The Life of the Otter"--"Who seems to be showing off / but is half lost / in the exuberance of dip and wheel"--and for the stunt-turning boy in "Skateboard":
My view is that if you're going to have a plant as hotblooded as a tropical hibiscus, you need to keep it under a tight optical rein.
And at the centre of these two hotblooded tales of jealousy and murder, Midlands Opera fields two highly capable casts.
It's less about cold cases, more hotblooded relationships, as Gerry's youngest daughter is getting married, so the father of the bride takes him in for questioning.
Determining the why in that case means the difference between convicting a man who made a negligent mistake and letting a hotblooded killer go free.
But the Eagles were off the back of beating rivals Leicester Riders in a hotblooded affair at NU Sport Central a week ago.
In her account of the gruesome murder of a Dutch planter's family in North Sumatra, she demonstrated how the production of colonial discourse systematically privileged references to the 'hotblooded' character of Malays over the informed analysis of a local administrator, Carl Valck, who typified the situation on the Deli estates as one in which 'cruelty breeds cruelty' (Stoler 1992:164).
Although most of the teenage target audience for this hotblooded romance will be too young to remember, for decades, zombies were the bottom-feeders of the horror world.
Hong's use of the form--in "Ballad in 0," "Ballad in A," and "Ballad in I"--limits a single poem to a single vowel and proceeds from the "0" of emptiness to the "I" of the self The first ends with some advice: So don't confront hotbloods, don't show off, go to blows or rows, don't sob for gold lost to trollops, don't drown sorrows on shots of grog.
The likes of ALLOCATION LOCATIONAL, BLOODSHOT HOTBLOODS, HEADSHOT HOTHEADS, and OWNERSHIP SHIPOWNER do not pass muster because, in each switcheroo, one morpheme changes, and one stays the same.
In an outdoor scene, hotblooded calypso music provides an amusing accompaniment to the frigid setting.