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Noun1.hotel bill - statement of charges for staying in a hotel
invoice, bill, account - an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered; "he paid his bill and left"; "send me an account of what I owe"
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His hotel bill, losses at billiards and cards to Captain Crawley had almost drained the young man's purse, which wanted replenishing before he set out on his travels, and he had no resource but to infringe upon the two thousand pounds which the attorneys were commissioned to pay over to him.
Also, the hotel bill which he left unpaid was enormous.
Though I bided my time, ran up a comfortable hotel bill, and, at the very last, ordered my own generous assortment of liquors and cigars and charged the bill to the schooner.
Helen in her flight forgot to settle the hotel bill, and took their return tickets away with her; they had to pawn Jacky's bangles to get home, and the smash came a few days afterwards.
The hotel bill came to fifteen guineas; and my friend, after reckoning everything up, found that the cheeses had cost him eight-and-sixpence a pound.
Not having enough money to pay the cost of such a journey, he borrowed the price of a return ticket from Sanders and arranged to stay with a friend in Washington, to save a hotel bill that he could not afford.
And over here is what appears to be the fragment of a hotel bill, which interests me deeply.
A month or two later I was able to understand why a courier did not have to pay any board and lodging, and why my hotel bills were always larger when I had him with me than when I left him behind, somewhere, for a few days.
Return flights from Dublin to Chicago to Toronto cost [euro]1,234 and the total travel and hotel bill ran to just over [euro]14,500, including [euro]1,500 for photography.
It was later revealed that the man had chosen to escape out of the high-rise hotel in order to avoid paying his hotel bill.
Abu Dhabi hotels will be charging its guests a municipal fee of 4 per cent of their hotel bill and an additional Dh15 ($4) per night per room starting next month, said a report.
It emerges that penny-pinching Princess Marie has been charging her huge hotel bill to Harry.

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