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Noun1.hotel clerk - a hotel receptionisthotel clerk - a hotel receptionist      
clerk - an employee who performs clerical work (e.g., keeps records or accounts)
room clerk - a hotel clerk who is responsible for room assignments to guests
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The hotel clerk handed her into a taximeter cab, and gave the address to the driver.
He had not been observed to speak to anyone except the hotel clerk. He seemed, indeed, singularly fond of his own company--or, as the PERSONNEL of the Advance expressed it, "grossly addicted to evil associations." But then it should be said in justice to the stranger that the PERSONNEL was himself of a too convivial disposition fairly to judge one differently gifted, and had, moreover, experienced a slight rebuff in an effort at an "interview."
Here's a lady inquiring for you, sir - just gone up to your room in the elevator," the hotel clerk remarked to Mr.
After breakfast they found us trying to blast some information out of the dumb hotel clerk about routes, and observing that we were not succeeding pretty well, they went and got their maps and things, and pointed out and explained our course so clearly that even a New York detective could have followed it.
We done up the di'monds in a paper and put our names on it and put it in the keep of the hotel clerk, and told him not to ever let either of us have it again without the others was on hand to see it done; then we went down town, each by his own self--because I reckon maybe we all had the same notion.
He isn't much more than a second-hand hotel clerk now.
He said he believed that if you were to strip the nation naked and send a stranger through the crowd, he couldn't tell the king from a quack doctor, nor a duke from a hotel clerk. Apparently here was a man whose brains had not been reduced to an ineffectual mush by idiotic training.
Written by Thomas Ward, the play is about Dee (Marie Weigle), a hotel clerk and aspiring comedian who has a one-night stand with Tim (Sean Higgins), a burned-out comic headlining a club in International Falls, Minnesota.
The Scot was cast as a hotel clerk in the legendary director's 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.
The hotel clerk and the waiters told the police that when the deceased came to the hotel he was normal.
Vogelsang, for example, was a forty-five-year-old hotel clerk and porter from Manhattan.
In 2015, a hotel clerk wrongly identified Nimri as a man who came in and started asking suspicious questions, before realizing his mistake and warning the police who then arrested another suspect, Ashraf Salameh.

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