hotel detective

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Noun1.hotel detective - a private detective employed by a hotel or retail store
private detective, private eye, private investigator, shamus, sherlock, operative, PI - someone who can be employed as a detective to collect information
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Landing him was a coup, both for his name -- with appearances in such big-budget fare as The Insider, Face Off, Titus and Pearl Harbor, Feore is now much in demand in both Canadian and American films -- but more so because of the beautifully restrained way in which he plays the role as a poetry--addled British professor who searches for his errant wife (Michelle Nolden) with the help of the hotel detective (Earl Pastko) in the 1950s segment.
Add a lugubrious hotel detective who as the years pass by trades in his ambitions for a toupe, and it is starting to sound more fun that it actually is.
The devious murderer kept a watch on the Elgin hotel detectives were staying in during the inquiry.

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