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 (ō′təl-yā′, hō′-)
A manager or owner of a hotel.

[French hôtelier, from Old French hostilier, from hostel, inn; see hostel.]


(Commerce) an owner or manager of one or more hotels


(ˌoʊ təlˈyeɪ, ˌhoʊt lˈɪər, hoʊˈtɛl yər)

a manager or owner of a hotel or inn.
[1900–05; < French hôtelier; see hotel, -ier2]
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Noun1.hotelier - an owner or manager of hotelshotelier - an owner or manager of hotels  
administrator, decision maker - someone who administers a business
صاحِبُ فُنْدُق
otel yöneticisiotelci


[həʊˈtelɪəʳ] hotelkeeper [həʊˈtelˌkiːpəʳ] Nhotelero/a m/f


[ˌhəʊˈtɛliər] nhôtelier/ière m/fhotel industry n
the hotel industry → l'industrie f hôtelièrehotel room nchambre f d'hôtelhot flash n (US)bouffée f de chaleurhot flush n (British)bouffée f de chaleurhot flushes nplbouffées fpl de chaleurhot-foot hotfoot [ˈhɒtfʊt]
to hot-foot it (= hurry) → se précipiter


nHotelier m


[həʊˈtɛlɪəʳ] nalbergatore/trice


(həˈtel) noun
a usually large house or building where travellers, holidaymakers etc may receive food, lodging etc in return for payment. The new hotel has over five hundred bedrooms.
hoˈtelier (-liə) noun
a person who owns, and sometimes manages, a hotel.
References in classic literature ?
He had taken, without hesitation, without reflection even, the principal apartment which the hotelier had pointed out to him with a rapacious aim, very praiseworthy, some will say, very reprehensible will say others, if they admit that Cropole was a physiognomist and judged people at first sight.
and simple hotelier as I am, there is in me the blood of a gentleman.
The 2018 edition of the Hotelier Middle East Salary Survey is now open for entries, with the deadline for entries being Sunday, May 6, 2018.
THOUSANDS of people cast their votes in the UK Independent Show Hotelier of the Year Award but only one outstanding personality could win, and this year the coveted title went to Paul Bayliss MBE, originally from Huyton.
Le conseiller au ministere du Tourisme Seif Chaalani a annonce, dans une declaration, ce lundi, a Africanmanager, le lancement prochain du nouveau projet hotelier de luxe pilote par Qatari Diar dans le Sud-ouest de la Tunisie.
Le groupe hotelier previent le marche que ses realisations financieres pour l'annee seront inferieures aux attentes en raison des trous de comptabilite.
Ils rappellent pourtant que le secteur hotelier de la region participe a hauteur de 50 % dans le budget de la municipalite de Djerba, versent 1 % de leurs chiffres d'affaires pour le fonds de protection des zones littorales et que cette municipalite dispose d'un budget qui depasse pourtant les 14 MDT chaque annee.
Summary: Chennai: Tamil Nadu Crime Branch-CID has issued fresh summons to hotelier Vikram Agarwal to appear .
We have decided not to accept their conditions," Bashir Sidiq, a hotelier, said.
Guests staying in Club rooms or on the Crowne Club floor can now enjoy the undivided attention of a hotelier dedicated to catering to all needs.
Crowne plaza launches personal hotelier, an exclusive service for discerning business travellers
A hotelier previously purchased a development site through Massey Knakal at 119-121 West 28th Street and had interest in acquiring additional buildable square feet from the neighboring building.