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A quick-tempered or impetuous person.


an excitable or fiery person



an impetuous or short-tempered person.
hot′head`ed, adj.
hot′head`ed•ness, n.
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Noun1.hothead - a belligerent grouch
crank, crosspatch, grouch, grump, churl - a bad-tempered person
2.hothead - a reckless impetuous irresponsible personhothead - a reckless impetuous irresponsible person
adventurer, venturer - a person who enjoys taking risks
tearaway - a reckless and impetuous person
شَخْص حاد الطَّبْع وسَريع الغَضَب
forrófejû ember
uppstökkur maîur
prchký človek
çabuk kızan/parlayan kimse


[ˈhɒthed] Nexaltado/a m/f


[ˈhɒthɛd] ntête f brûlée


[ˈhɒtˌhɛd] n (fig) → testa calda


(hot) adjective
1. having or causing a great deal of heat. a hot oven; That water is hot.
2. very warm. a hot day; Running makes me feel hot.
3. (of food) having a sharp, burning taste. a hot curry.
4. easily made angry. a hot temper.
5. recent; fresh. hot news.
ˈhotly adverb
1. eagerly; quickly. The thieves were hotly pursued by the police.
2. angrily; passionately. The accusations were hotly denied.
hot air
boastful words, promises that will not be kept etc. Most of what he said was just hot air.
ˌhot-ˈblooded adjective
passionate; having strong feelings. hot-blooded young men.
hot dog
a hot sausage sandwich.
ˈhotfoot adverb
in a great hurry. He arrived hotfoot from the meeting.
ˈhothead noun
a hotheaded person.
ˌhotˈheaded adjective
easily made angry; inclined to act suddenly and without sufficient thought.
ˈhothouse noun
a glass-house kept warm for growing plants in. He grows orchids in his hothouse.
ˈhot-plate noun
1. the part of a cooker on which food is heated for cooking.
2. a portable heated plate of metal etc for keeping plates of food etc hot.
be in hot water, get into hot water
to be in or get into trouble.
hot uppast tense, past participle ˈhotted verb
to increase; to become more exciting etc.
in hot pursuit
chasing as fast as one can. The thief ran off, with the shopkeeper in hot pursuit.
like hot cakes
very quickly. These books are selling like hot cakes.
References in classic literature ?
Then out rides our own little hothead with the patch over his eye, and my Lord Audley with his four Cheshire squires, and a few others of like kidney, and after them went the prince and Chandos, and then the whole throng of us, with axe and sword, for we had shot away our arrows.
They are two hotheads -- the one a Gascon, the other from Picardy; both are easily excited, but they quiet down immediately.
HotHeaD Mario Balotelli never backs down from an argument - but he did back out of this restaurant.
At the other end of the bar, Hothead Hoolihan growled: "Lucky the ball didn't go near that yin's heid or he'd have hit the deck like a ton of bricks.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move that may upset the balance of the universe (or at least that around the 49th parallel), Hothead Games announced plans to publish Ron Gilbert's long-awaited RPG-Adventure game, DeathSpank.
HOTHEAD Domenico Morfeo could be banished to Serie C by Parma after lasting just 30 seconds as a sub against Juventus in his last game.
What our country desperately needs in the United Nations now is the cool, calm, deliberate assertiveness of a person like Adlai Stevenson, not a hothead who would blow up the U.
NEIL Cox returns to the scene of his worst nightmare tomorrow still haunted by the memories of a furious Wembley-day flashpoint with Italian hothead Fabrizio Ravanelli.
When Malachy later blames Lorcan in the wrong, the young hothead retorts by falsely accusing Malachy of hitting him.
NASDAQ:ERTS) and Hothead Games[R] announced today that DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue[TM] (T.
8220;Traditional bracelets, armbands and chest straps are fine for tracking heart rates and other basic information, but they ignore the critical element of body temperature,” explained Peter Linke, President of Dallas-based Hothead Technologies, Inc.
It meant thousands of people inadvertently voted for the Brazilian hothead - and unwittingly parted with their cash.