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n. Computers
1. A connection between two files that automatically updates one whenever the other is updated.
2. See link1.


(Computer Science) a word or phrase in a hypertext document that when selected by mouse or keyboard causes information that has been associated with that word or phrase to be displayed. See hypertext


n. Computers.
1. a link between two files, as between a spreadsheet and a document, such that a change in one effects a change in the other.
2. a hypertext link.
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Hot on the heels of Maxis recent announcement of its upgraded MaxisONE plan for postpaid customers, Hotlink is now giving its increasingly Internet-hungry prepaid users a good reason to celebrate.
Hotlink Module Management Co Management and visualization of the whole Hotlink structure and recursive updates of nested Hotlinks provides reduced file size and increased update speeds.
To coincide with the launch of the recipe book, Pursuit has also established a new recipe hotlink <recipe@pdx.
When the Bryan (Texas) Independent School District posted an announcement on its Web site about an upcoming bond referendum, a special Web-based Internet alert with a hotlink to the content was sent to people who signed up for the free service.
EPOS provides an 800 number and Web page for the institution's exclusive use, as well as a hotlink from the school's Web site.
Also available here is a "Meet Your Neighbors" section where residents and local groups (such as neighborhood Girl Scout troops) can create their own Web pages or hotlink their existing Web pages to their neighborhood site.
Recognized for ease of use, innovation, performance and value, HotLink Hybrid Express also wins top honors with the Gold award in the "Virtualization Management" category
The company that leads the market in transformation solutions for hybrid IT management, HotLinkA Corporation, has announced key upgrades to its HotLink Hybrid Express and HotLink DR Express solutions.
The Best of Show award was presented to HotLink for their HotLink Hybrid Express solution.
Maxis brings in Hotlink 4G, family data supplementary lines, hot ticket extra and Active10 in #Hotlink, among others during the last quarter in a bid to develop mobile data revenues.
HotLink[R] Corporation, the market leader in transformation solutions for heterogeneous virtualization management, today announced the launch of its latest product, HotLink Hybrid Express[TM] for VMware vCenter.
Sharing of complex models and model libraries with other projects or users is made convinent by Model Library facility, while the Hotlink markup feature means users can connect scan data with other spatial information sources, such as intelligent 3D models or spatial databases.