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hot spot

or hot·spot  (hŏt′spŏt′)
1. An area in which there is dangerous unrest or hostile action: "opportunities ... for United Nations forces to play a constructive role in some of the world's hot spots" (Paul Lewis).
2. Informal A lively and popular place, such as a nightclub.
3. An area of intense heat, radiation, or activity.
4. A location where Wi-Fi is publicly available.
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Noun1.hotspot - a place of political unrest and potential violence; "the United States cannot police all of the world's hot spots"
2.hotspot - a point of relatively intense heat or radiation
point - the precise location of something; a spatially limited location; "she walked to a point where she could survey the whole street"
3.hotspot - a lively entertainment spot
spot - a business establishment for entertainment; "night spot"
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30 August 2019 - Boston, US-based biotechnology company HotSpot Therapeutics, Inc.
Biotechnology company HotSpot Therapeutics Inc revealed on Thursday the completion of the acquisition of Macroceutics Inc, a provider of DNA-encoded library (DEL) screening technologies, for an undisclosed amount.
Release date- 23082019 - BOSTON - HotSpot Therapeutics, Inc, a biotechnology company pioneering the discovery of nature's regulatory sites to advance allosteric drug discovery, today announced the acquisition of Macroceutics, Inc., a provider of DNA-encoded library (DEL) screening technologies.
16 -- Bharti Airtel has revised its offerings for new customers of Airtel 4G Hotspot. New customers purchasing an Airtel 4G Hotspot will get 1.5GB daily data for a period of 224 days from the date of inserting the sim card in the device.
According to the rules, the owner of a public WiFi hotspot will be required to maintain a log of the user information for a minimum 12 months against the six months earlier proposed in the draft rules.
He said that Hyderabad District in Sindh emerges as the top hotspot followed by the districts of Mirpur Khas and Sukkur.
'These hotspot districts have less road density, poor access to market and water starved population,' he added.
As per rules, the owner of a public Wi-Fi hotspot will
Students by morning, Hotspot food sellers after 2:30.
'Kung pagbabasehan yung historical data, yung mga previous elections, wala tayong na-consider na hotspot dito,' Eleazar said in an interview with Radyo Inquirer 990 AM.
They also analyzed hotspot buoyancy flux, which can be used to measure how much melt a particular hotspot produces.
The researchers identified two distinct clusters of counties: 669 in Appalachia and the Midwest (Hotspot 1) and 81 in the northern Midwest (Hotspot 2).